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Not Being Afraid to Love the Unlovely

As I was commenting on someone else’s post, I began to think on those whom we find more difficult to love. You know the ones who may have brought us hurt, or the ones whom we would rather not associate it with due to ther choice in lifestyle, and those who may not run in the same circles that we do, due to social status or whatever other circumstances. I was probed to think a little on these people and how we choose to respond to them. Often we walk by them without a second glance, while at other times we may acknowledge them by making eye contact but our hearts are hardened toward them, and we refuse to show them love. Think for a moment though, if the shoe were on the other foot (so to speak). What if we were viewed as the one whom nobody wanted to associate with? What if we were refused love? I imagine we wouldn’t like the feeling to much. Imagine nowif that’s how Christ chose to respond to us. What if when He looked upon us, He looked with disgust and hatred? Oh my at the chills up my spine that just sent me. Not a good feeling at all. Christ looks at us with love, so much love that we can’t even begin to comprehend the measures of His love for us. But He does not love us out of obligation or guilt. He loves us out of His own desire to do so, and He wants us to do the same for others. He wants us to see those whom we would rather not look upon, through His eyes–the eyes of love. He calls us to love those who bring us joy and those who bring us hurt. He calls us to love those inside of our friends circle and those outside of our friend circle. He calls us to love those within our same social status and those outside of our social status. He calls us to love period! No one is exempt from receiving the love of Christ, and we have no right to withhold it from anyone.

I want us to not be afraid to love the unlovely. Love those whom you find it most difficult to love. Love those whom others would rather you not love. Get to know the ones who have backs turned them on a daily basis. Love those who are not accepted as easily. But also love those who are close to you, those who are accepted easier than others, and those whom others love. Love all people. Do not hold back. Do not be afraid. Love. Love like Christ, with no limitations.

“By this everyone will know you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35, NRSV)


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3 thoughts on “Not Being Afraid to Love the Unlovely

  1. Amen sister! Great blog. We are to love like Jesus. He showed us how to live. It’s time all Christians start following His example. It’s not always easy, but we must strive to be like Jesus.

  2. timothybrianturner on said:

    Awsome, totally fantabulous! What else can I say?

  3. Hi, I was looking for the source for the expression “love the unlovely” and I came across your blog. It looks like it is very good. Thanks.

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