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World Changers & Shakers, not Suckers

My heart is heavy as I type this. It is heavy for people. It is heavy because people have become to comfortable with life. Yes, I am guilty of this at times myself. We all are guilty of this at one time or another. We don’t choose to see anything beyond our own worlds. We see OUR jobs, OUR schools, OUR families, OUR churches, OUR circle of friends, OUR communities, etc. What exists to us, is what we involve ourselves in, and that is usually very limited. Our world revolves around us. It’s kind of like the scene in NEMO where the seagulls are all sqwaking, “MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE.” But what if it were different? What if we were able to look beyond ourselves and see the whole world? What if we could see past our own little bubble & see the needs of others? What if we invested in other people’s lives and not just worried about ourselves?

My heart is heavy because there is too much apathy in the world. We need to be world changers & world shakers, not world suckers! Life isn’t about what we can GET out of it. It is about what we can PUT into it! God has called us to make a difference, and in order to do that we must look beyond ourselves. We must get our priorities in order (and in the right order, not what we would like for them to be). We need to start asking ourselves what is really of eternal value & not just momentary value. We need to start asking if what we are doing is making a difference in the world & in the lives of others. ” Lets be the difference. Lets be the change. Lets be the Generation that rises to the occasion.” (Jarrid Wilson) We are the salt & light of the world, and we can’t season it or brighten it from our couches. It’s time to move people! What are you going to do?


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One thought on “World Changers & Shakers, not Suckers

  1. timothybrianturner on said:

    This is a great message. We must seize the moment. Every moment is dripping and oozing with explosive power to change the worrld. May we become fully alive to the moment.

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