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Losing Sight of An Evident God

This morning as I was scrolling through FB and Twitter, I came across a post by The post was about why do you or don’t you believe in God. He posted his post in reply to a post by an atheist. It was saddening to me to read the atheist’s post, and all of his reasoning behind his disbelief in God. I think one of the most saddening parts of the atheist’s post was reading how he once did believe in God.  How is that someone can believe so strongly in God, and the next minute deny His very existence? I cannot wrap my mind around it. I know that some people may say that it cannot be scientifically proven that God does exist, but as I look around all of creation I see Him everywhere. I see Him in everything. He is in the warmth of the sunshine. He is in the cool breeze. He is in the trees, the flowers, the grass, the ocean.  He is the laughter of a child. He is in the kiss of two lovers. He is in the smile and hugs of friends. He is in the embrace of parent and child. He is in everything. I cannot deny Him, because He is evident in all things! 

I do believe that sometimes we forget that, or lose sight of that. We focus too much on the hurt, pain, and negative things of the world and slowly we lose sight of God. It is dangerous when we as believers, followers, and lovers of Christ lose sight of Him, because then those who do not yet know Him cannot find Him. We are called to be the light of Christ to others, and the salt of the earth. But if we lose sight of Him, we cannot do this. Then how will people know Him? How will people find Christ is we have lost Him ourselves? Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6) I believe we, as believers, play a vital role in this. If we lose sight of Christ, then we fail to show Christ to those who do not believe and do not know Him.  And it is when this happens, that those who do not believe and do not know Him, seek out truth (false truth) in other things. I find this quote appropriate in closing. “Stop giving people reasons to question your faith.” (Jarrid Wilson) We must start giving people reasons to want it!

Merry Christmas, and let your light for Christ shine so brightly that people cannot help but to see it!


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One thought on “Losing Sight of An Evident God

  1. timothybrianturner on said:

    Awesome post! I love it. We are often the only Bible others may ever read.

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