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Soulprint–A Book Review

I absolutely love this book! Mark Batterson does an excellent job of bringing to light what we have tried so hard to keep hidden, when it comes to truly discovering our destiny. In Soulprint Mark Batterson uses the story of David to show how one’s destiny is found in living out Christ’s legacy. David’s story is a story of strength, courage, faith, hope, and restoration. I have often thought to myself that I want to be like David when it comes to my faith in God, but in reading Souprint I discovered that I want to be me when it comes to my faith in God. We are all unique, and God created us that way for a reason.Our uniqueness carries on into our worship of God, our love for God,our relationship with God, and in living out our God-given destiny. We discover who we truly are when we embrace our uniqueness and seek God. When we find God, we find our true selves and discover our destinies.

I highly recommend this book as a “must-read” for anyone, and especially for those who might be questioning their purpose and identity. Soulprint will get you excited and motivated, as well as challenge you, in pursuing your God-given destiny.

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