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Do You Have Time?

Have you ever wanted someone to spend time with you? A spouse? Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Best friend? Sibling? Or maybe someone has told you that they would like for you to spend time with them. We all have had times when we want someone’s undivided attention, or when someone else wants our undivided attention. And we all know what it feels like when someone doesn’t give us their undivided attention. Let’s face it, it sucks. It hurts when we want to spend time with someone, but they don’t have time for us. It can be downright depressing at times.

Imagine how God must feel when we don’t have time for Him. He gives all of His time for us, and yet we can barely find time to squeeze Him into our busy schedules. Our days are filled with school, work, errands to run, workouts, and many other things that we try so desperately to squeeze into a day. Some of us even get so busy with church that we neglect to spend time with God. (Some of you may be scratching your head at that last statement.) All of the things that we have on our schedules might be important, but spending time with God should be the most important thing to us. God should be first, and more than often we put Him last. We give Him a little 2 bit prayer right before bed and count that off as our time with God. When all through the day we haven’t even taken the time to even thank Him for the day! What if God did that with us? What if God only gave us 2 minutes of His time, and the rest of the time He never even thought of us? *OUCH*

Spending one on one time with God is VITAL to our Christian walk. We can’t go through life claiming to be a Christian if we never take time to spend time with God. I am guilty of neglecting my time with God, more than I would care to admit. This morning as my husband was leaving to do some of his pastor stuff, I thought about how I would love for him to just spend the day with me. One on one, just the two of us, with no distractions. And then it hit me. I should be hungry to spend time like that with God. That is how God wants us to be when it comes to spending time with Him. He wants us to want to be alone with Him. To want to just be in His Presence. To want to listen to Him. God wants us to WANT Him! But because God loves us so much, He will not force us to do so. We can choose to neglect Him, to ignore Him, or to plain out turn away from Him. We can do that, because He LOVES us. Yes, because of His love for us we have the freedom to choose to spend time with Him, as well as the freedom to choose not to spend time with Him.

I urge you, and encourage, to make time for God. Spend time with just you and Him, no distractions. Time with God is the most priceless and precious time there is. God makes time for each of us. The question is, will we make time for Him?



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One thought on “Do You Have Time?

  1. timothybrianturner on said:

    Great post! I love it.

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