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“Hold up wait a minute! You gotta put some Jesus in it!”

As I was scanning through my news feed¬†on Facebook the other day, I came across a post by my sister. Her status read, “always a laugh at my house! I reminded Gabby to say her prayers…she starts off “God is Good, God is Great”…I stop her and say ” Baby, that’s a prayer for when you’re eating” to which she replies..”Mom, let me finish…this is the remix!” I am still laughing! ūüôā you should have heard it! All I can remember right now is’ hold up wait a minute you gotta put some Jesus in it!’ I can’t got to sleep because I am still laughing!” Gabby is my sister’s 10-year-old¬†daughter, and my niece. Since reading this post, I have had “Hold up wait a minute you gotta put some Jesus in it!” going through my head non-stop. As I was saying this over and over in my head, I thought, “There’s a sermon in that.”¬†

When life throws a curveball: “Hold up wait a minute! You gotta put some Jesus in it!”

When you lose your job: “Hold up wait a minute! You gotta put some Jesus in it!”

When you’re having a bad day: “Hold up wait a minute! You gotta put some Jesus in it!”

When your kids are driving you crazy: “Hold up wait a minute! You gotta put some Jesus in it!”

When your relationships are rocky & difficult: “Hold up¬†wait a minute! You gotta put some Jesus in it!”

When things just aren’t making sense to you: “Hold up wait a minute! You gotta put some Jesus in it!”

Whatever the situation may be for you: “Hold up wait a minute! You gotta put some Jesus in it!”

I pray that you find time today to “hold up wait a minute! You gotta put some Jesus in it!” When you put Jesus in it, everything else seems to fade to the background.

¬†Jesus answered, ‚ÄúI am the way and the truth and the life…” John 14:6

Grace and Peace


The Wisdom of an 8-year-old

Last night we had our weekly “Family Movie Night,” and we decided since it is Holy Week and Easter is this coming Sunday, we would watch the Passion of the Christ. As we watched all that Jesus endured for us, my heart was overwhelmed by the love that Jesus has for us. All I could muster up in my spirit was, “Why Jesus? Why do you love us so much?” Then, “Thank you Jesus for loving us like you do.” We can’t begin to understand His love for us, because it is a love like no other. A love that goes far beyond our mind’s capabilities. A love that runs deeper than any love we can ever experience here on earth.

As the final scenes of the movie played, and Jesus rose from the dead and walked out of the tomb, my 8-year-old¬†daughter and I got into a discussion about what Easter is really about. As I talked to her about how Easter is not really about the Easter bunny, eggs, baskets, and candy, she asked a simple child-like question (but it was very profound). “Mom, if Easter is really about Jesus and not about the Easter bunny, eggs, baskets, and candy then why don’t people draw pictures of Jesus? All you see are pictures of bunnies, baskets, eggs, and candy.” Hmmmmm…….a very thought-provoking¬†question and statement from the 8-year-old.¬† All I could say was, “I don’t know. I guess some people have it all mixed up about what Easter is really about.”

Are you making sure that your children know what Easter is really about? Are you teaching them about how Jesus gave His life for them? Are you telling them how much Jesus loves them? Are you getting them excited about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, or more excited over the annual Easter egg hunt?

This Easter I pray that we will be more excited about¬† Jesus and all that He has done for us, than about¬† the imaginary bunny that brings “junk in¬†a basket.” Jesus is REAL. The Easter bunny is a fun part of our imagination. Jesus conquered death! The chocolates will melt and be consumed, never to be resurrected. The tomb is empty, and new life is here! The eggs will be forgotten. Making sure we focus and celebrate what Easter is really about is of great importance. The real meaning of Easter carries eternal value. I pray that JESUS CHRIST be our main focus of Easter, and that everything else is just part of the background.

Grace and Peace

Showing Grace to Those Who have a Different Box

Lately I have been in knots over how some people expect others to share the same opinions and ideas and convictions as they do. Some people have created a nice neat little box for themselves, which hold all of their beliefs, convictions, ideas, and opinions inside. They like their box. It’s safe in their box. Their box is awesome! But they notice that there are people who do not have the same box as they do. These other people (the “others”)¬†have their own boxes, which contain different beliefs, convictions, ideas, and opinions inside. The first set of people do not like the “others'” boxes. The boxes of the “others” are DIFFERENT, and the first set of people don’t like it one bit. So, they get mad. They try to fit their own boxes on the “others”, but find that¬†the¬†“others” do not want the boxes of the first set of people. The “others” want their own boxes.¬†So the first set of people turn away from the¬†“others.” The others are harassed, ostracized, and ridiculed because of¬†their different boxes.

This saddens¬†me because this is not the way of Christ. Jesus did not force his “box” on anyone, and He showed GRACE to ALL people no matter what “box” they had for themselves.¬†Jesus was ok with¬†the “others.” He loved them. He embraced them. And He welcomed them into the Kingdom of God. He did not ostracize them, criticize them, harass them, or ridicule them. No, He extended His GRACE to them. And that is what we are called to do. We are called to show GRACE to ALL people, even the “others.”¬†Our boxes our own boxes, and we should not try to make¬†the “others” share our box. We should give them the grace to have their own boxes and love them anyway.

 The amazing grace of the Master, Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit, be with all of you. 2 Corinthians 13:14 (The Message)

Grace and Peace

More Than Enough

There are times when your heart hurts beyond comprehension. There are times when you feel as if the world has come crashing down on you, and you will never recover. These are the times when the God of all comfort is your only hope! Press in. He is more than enough!

Grace and Peace

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