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New Trend Alert: Parents Give Permission for Teen Sex in Home

This morning on The View they began discussing a topic that Elizabeth Hasselbeck will cover Wednesday morning on Good Morning America. What is the topic you ask: Sex and teens. Yes, I know this is a topic that has been in existence for a very long time, but this time it will be discussed in such a way that I am blown away by it. Elizabeth will be talking with teens, who range from 14-19 years in age, and their parents on the debate over a new trend of parents allowing their teens to have sex in their home! Yes, you heard me right. Some parents are now allowing their teens to have sex in their homes. The reason behind this new trend is that the parents are saying, “They are going to do it anyway, so it might as well be in my house so that I know about it.” The parents set rules as to when “the deed” can take place, if the parents have to be home at the time, and then the parents will supply all  the necessary “safety” precautions so the teens can carry it out. In the words of Hannah Montana, “Everybody say what?!” That is one of the most appalling things that I have heard, and it is one of the BIGGEST parenting mistakes that can be made. The panel was split on their opinions of this new trend. Whoopi & Joy were under the same reasoning as the parents (that teens are going to do it anyway, so you might as well know when and where), but Elizabeth and guest co-host La La Anderson shared a different opinion (not in my house). I like what La La Anderson had to say. She said, “My Momma made it absolutely impossible for us to have sex or do anything else. My Momma always told us that as long as we lived under her roof we had to follow all of her rules. So, there will be no sex for my children in the Anderson household!” Amen sistah!

As a Mother and a believer & follower of Jesus Christ, there is no way that I could ever be ok with my children having sex outside of wedlock, much less allowing them to have sex in my home! As a parent, I have great responsibility to raise my children to “live lives worthy of God” (see 1 Thessalonians 2:11-12). And as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, I am to “flee from sexual immorality” ( see 1 Corinthians 6:18) The body of Christ cannot embrace this new trend, because it goes against who Jesus is. This is saddening to me. It is heartbreaking, for it is leading teens down a path that will take them far from Jesus.

My challenge to all of us today, is to pray for our teens & pray for ALL parents. Live lives worthy of God, so that our children will see the example of Christ and walk in that way. The way of the world is a dark and lonely place. That is not a place we want to lead our children, but the way of Christ is way of light and life.

What do you think of this new trend?

Grace and Peace


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12 thoughts on “New Trend Alert: Parents Give Permission for Teen Sex in Home

  1. Crazy, but not suprising I suppose. I understand the “premise” of the sex-allowing parents, but I can’t agree because it’s based on human reasoning, not on biblical truth. It’s a mixed up world, but Truth will always make things right, no matter how far gone!

  2. Jack Kale on said:

    wow…..thanks for keeping us up to date! The Kale family will NOT be following this trend, but will be praying against it.

  3. Disgusted on said:

    i know of one of the parents interviewed for this segment. her son is almost 19, his girlfriend is 15. She is condoning statutory rape to occur in her home.

  4. Disgusted on said:

    did anyone watch the news story?

  5. Jayne on said:

    Heya, I’m writing as a teen from England in an unusual position… Well, it may be very common for all I know! But still. My parents would be completely against any kind of acts of a sexual nature between myself and my boyfriend, or any boyfriend for that matter, so it’s not just him. So when he’s over, he’s made to sleep in a separate room. When I stay at his house however, his parents are more than happy for us to share a room, and don’t mind what we’re up to, as long as we’re safe. Being the one in the middle of this scenario, I can say that I prefer his parents view ultimately… Because I don’t like “sneaking around” my parents’ back, when all they’re trying to do is protect their “little girl” (I’m nearly 19 now…). So yeah I see nothing wrong with parental permission to do it in the house, because as I know first hand, if you want to and don’t have their consent, you find other ways… Not even out of stubbornness, just because of hormones, emotions, whatever. I hope you understand what i’m trying to say.

  6. I am a parent that allows this. Not because I want more control of my 17yr old daughter’s sex-life, or because it would be safer for her than doing it in the park or the car etc (although it probably is). My reason is that I want her to ‘own’ her decisions in life. I try to teach her to think about what she is doing, make good decisions and then take responsibility for the outcome. We have had many discussions about safe sex; birth-control, evaluating a relationship to make sure it is a healthy and loving; and respecting herself and her boyfriend. If she thinks something does not ‘feel right’ – she should not do it at all…anywhere. The flip-side of this is that if it does feel right to her, she should be able to do it without lying or hiding or shame. You cannot ask someone to make mature decisions and at the same time ask them to skulk around trying to pretend they are not doing something they are. Most teenagers lie to their parents about everything from sex, to drinking, to drugs. This is because by over-controlling their teen’s decision-making, parents are actually absolving them of responsibility. When we back off a little, they quickly learn that the decision is all theirs, and therefore so is all the responsibility for the outcome. In my experience they end up making much better decisions in the long run…and much better decisions than we expected.
    I also don’t feel it is disrepectful to me for her to be having sex in our home…for the simple reason that once I have taught her the values and the decision making skills, it simply ceases to be about me! It is between her and her boyfriend and I give them their privacy.
    I encourage her to apply this approach to all her decision making, not just about sex. Think, evaluate, make a decision that you feel comfortable with and can justify to yourself…and then go ahead and act on that decision with your head held high.

  7. My Catholic parents would never allow this but did not stop me. I started at 15 and I did have sex in my parents’ home several times. I never got “the talk” from them so I learned about sex, birth control, etc., elsewhere. Not all teens want to have sex, but you can’t stop those who do. I think the idea of allowing it, with some rules of course, is a good idea.

  8. usman shah on said:

    very true ilike these all

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