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This Could Really Be A Good Life

I love the new song by One Republic, “Good Life”. Every time I hear it, I have to crank it up. It’s just one of those feel good songs, and one that will put you in a good mood if you’re a bit of a struggle. It also got me thinking on how it would make a really good sermon topic. So, as my sweet husband has given me the opportunity to preach this Sunday, I will use part of this song in the message. Are we really living the good life according to how Jesus spoke of it? Or have we distorted it and warped it with our own way of thinking what the good life means? I want to be able to honestly say that this is the good life, and mean it in the way that Jesus spoke of it. 

(Read Matthew 5:3-12 for the good life Jesus spoke of.)


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One thought on “This Could Really Be A Good Life

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