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You Are Known

Yesterday I was having one of those “I want everybody to like me” moments, and unfortunately some of it has crept over into today.I mean, who doesn’t like to be liked? This unfortunately is one of my weaknesses. I want everyone to like me, and if someone doesn’t (or I get it in my head that they don’t) I begin trying to figure out just why they don’t like me. I often create scenarios in my head that never took place, nor will ever take place. (I over analyze things sometimes.) Maybe I didn’t smile enough. Maybe I gave them a look that I didn’t realize I was giving. Maybe I didn’t…….Oh, the “maybes” are many.

But today, as I sat on my bed this thought came to mind. “Those that know me, KNOW me. Those that think they know, don’t know me. And those that don’t know me, think they know me.” Those in my circle of friends and my family, KNOW me. Those that just want to say they know me and might even wave at me in passing, are the ones that don’t really know me. And then there are those who don’t take the time to get to know me (for whatever reason) yet speak about me to others as if they know me, but in all actuality don’t know me at all. We all have these different people in our lives. And we all would love to have everyone be the first kind of people, the ones that really know us. The real us. Not just the us that is displayed on the outside, but the us that is within.

The wonderful thing though, is that we have One who does know us, and REALLY knows us. God knows who we really are. He knows us better than we know ourselves. He knew us before we were even born. He knows the “us” from the inside out. And He wants us to know Him that intimately as well. So, the next time we encounter the people who fall into the category of not really knowing us and we get all in a tizzy; we can remind ourselves that God knows us. Even if no one else on the planet knew us, we would be known by the One who really matters. That should put a smile on our face!  We aren’t made to make everyone happy and have everyone like us. We were made to know Him and make Him known! And by doing that, we are known by Him!

Grace and Peace


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