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From Party Girl to Celebrated Girl

Once upon a time I was known as the “party girl”. You know the one who was always up to try new things. The one who was all about a good buzz, and the one who thought it was cool to be mischievous. I really knew no limits. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I HAD limits, but I was all about going beyond those limits that had been placed on me. I thought I had all my stuff together and knew what was best for me (being accepted in the crowd). I was sooooo cool. Or so I thought…

It wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I realized that I really wasn’t as cool as I thought I was. All the things that I had thought made me cool, really were evidence of something that I tried desperately to hide. I really didn’t have it all together. Inside I was falling apart. I was a huge mess, and I was trying to hide that with drugs, alcohol, relationships, and anything else I could get myself into. I needed help. I needed Jesus.

Jesus was what was missing in my life. He was what would put me back together again. All the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t do it, but Jesus could! And He did! I left the “Party Girl” label behind, and He gave me a new one. “A Celebrated Girl” He celebrates me! He loves me! He accepts me! Despite the mess I made of things in my life, He still welcomed me into His arms. He poured out His grace upon me and made me new!

So, I say to all of you “Party Girls”, you can have a new name! You can be put back together! You can be a “Celebrated Girl.” You are valued beyond measure, and your are loved far more than you can ever imagine!

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

Grace and Peace


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