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Never Beyond: Choosing Grace Instead

What an image huh? It’s an image that some of us know more about than others. It’s an image that we have seen in numerous history textbooks. It is an image that speaks volumes and brings to mind harsh words. Violence. Abuse. Racism. Hate. Inhumanity. Injustice. Terrorism.

But what if we replaced those harsh words with a different set of words. Mercy. Forgiveness. Peace. Love. Grace.  What if instead of having feelings of hate, bitterness, and resentment stir inside of us, we would instead have feelings of forgiveness, acceptance, and grace. Now, in no means am I saying that we have to accept the evil acts, but I am asking us to reconsider our reaction to the people. It is a hard pill to swallow, I know. I mean, how we could ever forgive such horrible events? How we could ever offer grace to those who show no mercy? How we could ever accept those who do not accept us?

 “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” Luke 23:34

Jesus, himself, chose to react to the horrific actions against him in a different way. He chose not to give into bitterness, resentment, or hate. Instead, he chose to forgive. He chose to show grace & mercy to those that withheld it from him. If we truly are disciples of Christ, then this is how we are to live also. By choosing to follow Christ, we have chosen to offer mercy and grace instead of hatred and bitterness. I know it is not easy. I know there are times that we fail. But we have the power of Christ dwelling within us. We have the Holy Spirit that empowers us to live as Christ lived. We must choose to be bold with our grace. We must choose to offer grace no matter what. My friends, we have been called into Promised Land living. We have been called to an abundant life. It is challenging, yet beyond rewarding.

Whatever image of hurt, hatred, abuse, violence, inhumanity, or injustice you come across in your life, I pray that you choose to give grace boldly.

Grace and Peace

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4 thoughts on “Never Beyond: Choosing Grace Instead

  1. I’ve been going from blog to blog reading the posts about this week’s Never Beyond poster. A memory has been trying to get out of the back of my mind, and I think I’ve finally got ahold of it. If I remember correctly, one of the father’s of someone who died in the Oklahoma City bombing has become good friends with the father of Timothy McVeigh (the bomber). They have worked through the whole thing together and share the joy of knowing God’s grace and forgiveness. It is an amazing thing when people can come together like that. I wish there were more stories like that to tell.

  2. It’s hard to replace words of hate with words of grace sometimes. Especially when the words of hate are directed at you. But you’re right, we need to show love. If we return hate, all we’re going to continue to get is more hate, and it’ll never end.

    • Jaclyn_Turner on said:

      So true Andrew. Grace is sometimes very hard to give, yet we expect others to so easily give it us. And you are so right. If we just return hate for hate, we just create an awful neverending cycle.

  3. Love it! Thanks for sharing your heart!

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