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Never Beyond: I Have Wagon Wrecks Too

Mel Gibson is one the greatest actors of all time in my opinion. Mad Max, Lethal Weapon, The Patriot,Braveheart, and The Passion of the Christ are probably his most well-known movies.  My mother loved Mad Max, so as a kid I saw it more than I wanted too. I have never been a Lethal Weapon fan, but then again it’s just not my style. The Patriot & Braveheart are two of my favorite movies. And then there is The Passion of the Christ. This movie helped to re-open my eyes to Christ. It helped bring me back to God.

Recently my husband and I watched a more recent of Mel’s movies, The Beaver. I think it is kind of fitting for his recent behavior. In this movie Mel’s character, Walter Black, suffers from severe depression and is kicked out of his house by his wife. Upon getting totally smashed, he attempts to commit suicide, but fails due to a “talking” beaver puppet. The beaver then goes on to help pull Walter out of his depression and reclaim his life. I won’t give the whole movie away, but I will say that it is well worth the watch. It gives great insight to those suffering with depression or other mental disorders.

I thought about Mel’s recent struggles while watching The Beaver, and I have to admit that I thought it was kind of ironic that he would do a movie like this. I mean, come on. He just publicly fell off his rocker in front of the entire world! My husband and I talked briefly about Mel and his struggles, and we both agreed that he is still an excellent actor. But isn’t he much more than that? Isn’t his life worth more than the movies he acts in or directs? Isn’t his value in more than what he does for a living? I have to answer yes to all of these questions, as a believer in Jesus Christ. As a Christian, I know that no one’s value, worth, or identity is found outside of Christ. And with that knowledge, I have to know that Mel is valued, treasured, loved, and accepted by Christ just as I am.

Mel may have fallen off the wagon in front of the entire world, but I have fallen of the wagon more times than I would care to admit. My wagon wrecks may not be in front of the entire world, but they are still wrecks just the same. I fall of my rocker many times, and struggle to find my way back in it. I call people names that I know are not uplifting, maybe not to their face or where anyone else can hear, but it’s still wrong. I have found myself in a drunken state of mind, not fully aware of my behavior at the time. I have lashed out unnecessarily. I have hurt people. I have strayed. And yet, I am still a daughter of the Most High God. Loved more than I can imagine. Treasured beyond any treasure here on earth. Valued beyond my comprehension. Given a second chance when I didn’t deserve it. So, who am I to declare Mel beyond a second chance? Who am I to point the finger at his wagon wreck? Who am I to do anything but offer the same grace and love of Christ that I was given?

Grace & Peace

This post is part of POTSC Never Beyond series. POTSC is all about overthrowing judgment and liberating love. Who would you give a second chance?


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6 thoughts on “Never Beyond: I Have Wagon Wrecks Too

  1. Mike Lehr on said:

    Nice post Jaclyn! I wondered the same thing when I saw Mel Gibson was this week’s POTSC Never Beyond poster…what it would be like to have all my failures broadcast around the world? Not a pretty sight. Thanks for participating in this conversation.

  2. I too saw “The Beaver”. I thought it was fantastic. My buddy and I figured that it might be Mel Gibson’s return movie. I also found it to be more of a this-is-my-life kind of story any anything else. He’s trying to redeem himself. And I, for one, would let him. He’s a human being like the rest of us. We all fall at some point, we all do something stupid from time to time. He’s no different except that he’s “known”.

    Thank you for sharing this. Out of all the posts for this week’s POTSC, this is the first one I’ve read that mentions “The Beaver”.


    • Jaclyn_Turner on said:

      I agree Andrew. I thought “The Beaver” was a an excellent movie. And yes, he is human just as we are. And well stumble. We want someone to help us up when we stumble, and we should seek to help others up when they stumble.

  3. I’m so glad that my mistakes are not public like Mel’s. Seriously. I’ve made some of the same mistakes that he has. He just doesn’t get to hide. Grace to him. I got it.

  4. Great post…. true story that we have all fallen off the wagon before…however great or small. Mel has to live that out while the world watches. His struggles are amplified…. As a kid who didn’t dream of being famous? Thinking about it this way I’m glad I was never a great actress….

    Thank you for sharing,

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