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I Saw My Face

People of the Second Chance really do know how to push you way beyond your comfort zone. And this video has done just that. (As if the previous posters from the Never Beyond series haven’t pushed me out my comfort zone.) This video left me in awe. The only word to express how I felt after watching it is, “Wow”. Really I can’t think of another word that does it justice.

As all the many faces were being shown in the video, it seems odd to consider that “these” people should be shown grace. I mean Hitler & Bin Laden? Almost unbearable to conceive that they too are ones we should show grace too. I will have to say though, that the face that hit me the most was Lindsey Lohan. Yep, I know she hasn’t done anything near what Hitler & Bin Laden have done, but her life has been plastered everywhere. We have all been kept up-to-date on all her screw-ups, mishaps, failures, and weaknesses. Maybe she stood out to me so much because I see a little bit of me in her. I can see a scared, confused girl who is trying desperately to figure out who she is. I see a girl wearing a plastered smile across her face, while screaming on the inside for someone to notice that she needs help. I see a girl who just wants to be loved. I have been that girl. I have walked that walk. I have spiraled out of control all the while wanting someone desperately to save me.

Who’s face can you see yourself in? Grace has no limits. No one is ever beyond grace.

This post is part of People of the Second Chance’s Never Beyond series.


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