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There is No Mess, Just Beauty

Image“You are loved beyond your wildest imagination by a God who never changes.” Pete Wilson, Crosspoint Church Pastor

How many times have you wondered if you were truly loved? How many times have you gone in search of love only to be left feeling more unloved than before your search? How many times have you asked yourself if you will know what real love is? How many times have you looked at your reflection in a mirror and asked how anyone could ever love a messed up person like yourself? 

I have been there. The questions keep streaming through your mind. Love seems like just a fantasy that only comes true in fairytales. It feels like it is next to impossible to find someone who will show you what real love is. It’s just a depressing spiral that you can’t seem to get yourself out of. 

But thank God, there was someone who showed me what real love is. There was someone who saw the pile of mess I had made for myself, and really loved me enough to help me out of it without judgment. There was someone who saw how broken and messy I was, but saw beauty and hope. There was someone who answered my questions of whether or not I would ever know what real love is. That someone was Jesus Christ. And He continues to show me real love everyday. 

There is no question for Him on whether or not He should love me. He loves me no matter what. He loves me despite the messes I have found myself in. He speaks to me when I doubt and reassures me of His great love for me. 

My encouragement for you is this: No matter what mess you might be in, you are loved. No matter how broken you think you are, you are a beautiful masterpiece. No matter how unappreciated you might feel you are, you are valued. You are treasured. You are adored. And you have a Redeemer just waiting to show you how loved you are. 



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