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The Beginning of an Adventure

Some of you may already know that my love and I have been given the opportunity to plant a church. Words cannot express how grateful we are to the Alabama West Florida Conference of the UMC for giving us their support and for giving us this opportunity. And our hearts are so overflowing with joy that God is paving the way for this church plant and that He chose us! We have felt a call to do this for a long time, and God is opening the door and making a way. We know there will be scary times, frustrating times, exhausting time, and stand-still times ahead, but we also know that there will be times of joy, blessing, and anointing ahead as well. We believe that the Kingdom of God will prevail. His name will be lifted high and made known. Lies will be changed. Hearts will be warmed. People will be loved. Grace and mercy will flow. Second chances will be given. Hope restored. And above all, God will be glorified. I can feel the excitement welling up inside of me I type! God will do amazing things…….correction, God IS doing amazing things. 

We will keep you updated on our journey, and just ask that you be in prayer for us, the church, and for God to be known to a people who have yet to come to know Him. Pray that the gates of hell will pail recall, but that the mighty Kingdom of God will triumph and claim this community as its own! Pray that love will replace hate and hope will replace hopelessness

With much love, grace & peace.


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