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Sin is Nothing More Than Empty Calories

ImageAs I made cupcakes for K’s birthday the other day, and then enjoyed one later that evening, I thought about the lack of nutrition that the cupcake held. Let’s admit it, cupcakes may be delicious and satisfying at the moment, but they hold no nutritional value. As I thought on the “bad” about the sweet yummy treat, I also thought on how sin is just like this cupcake. Sin looks so yummy. It is enticing. It is alluring. Sin grabs us where we are weak, and promises sweet satisfaction. But the truth is that sin holds no nutritional value for our spiritual walk, just like this cupcake holds no nutritional value for our physical walk. Sin may satisfy at the moment, but in the long run it leaves us empty and dissatisfied. The only one to completely satisfy is Jesus. So, next time sin tries to entice you, remember that sin is full of empty calories that won’t ever truly satisfy.

Grace & Peace, Jac


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