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“I’m Mad At You!”

Have you ever told God, “I’m mad at you”? Have you ever told Him thlift hinges just weren’t fair? I know I have. Numerous times actually. “I am so mad at you right now!” “This isn’t right, ya know!” “Why aren’t you doing anything?!?” “You don’t care!” Yep, all of these statements and others like them have come forth from my mouth before, while talking to God. Let’s all face it, sometimes things just don’t appear as if God is coming through for us. There are times in our lives that reading Scripture just doesn’t cut it. Our prayers seem to be pinging off the ceiling and going nowhere. Godly friends telling us to hang in there and, “remember, God has got this” just doesn’t do anything for us. So, what do we do? We begin telling God how frustrated, angry, alone, and abandoned we feel. We get really honest, and just give it to Him. 

Well guess what? God is ok with that. He can handle our moments of rage, frustration, anger, and despair. He doesn’t walk away because we are mad at Him. He instead reaches even closer in those moments, even when we can’t see that. So, go ahead and pitch your fit. Tell Him you’re mad at Him. Get angry, cry, scream, and jump up and down. God handle its it, and He still loves you! 


Grace & Peace, Jac


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