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Alright peeps, so I know you might roll your eyes a bit whenever I post another health related post. But please just hold up and hear me out. You see, health and fitness is something that I am very passionate about. It’s not necessarily about having the greatest abs or the best legs in town, but more so it is about just being healthy. Being healthy for me, my family, and my friends. Being healthy so that I can inspire other people to live healthy lifestyles. No, I know that I cannot force anyone to trade the cheetos for some raw almonds, but hopefully by me BEING the example someone will make the decision to make healthier choices.


The trend of obesity is on the rise, and I am not okay with that. It’s not about being a supermodel, but it’s about being healthy. And let’s all face it, if we are all obese that we aren’t living as healthy as we could be living. Now, don’t get all frazzled on me. I am not bashing ANYONE. What I am trying to do, is get us all to see just how important our health is. You see, the more “extra fluff” we have on our bodies, the harder our bodies have to work in order to function. And sometimes, it’s not just what we can see on the outside that could be setting us up for a health crisis. Some of the foods we put in our bodies actually are causing blockages, plaque build-up, and other critical health issues inside our bodies.


This is alarming to me. It is enough to get my attention and cause me to want to take care of my body the best way I can. That is why I workout DAILY. That is why I eat clean DAILY. Do I have some ice cream or some chips every once in a while? Yes! Do I eat ice cream and chips everyday? No! I choose to make healthier choices, so that I can be healthy. I want to treat my body right. I want to show my children what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. And, I want be the encouragement and inspiration for someone else wanting to make the choice to live a healthy lifestyle.


If I can help you in making healthier choices and get you started in living a healthier lifestyle, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Email me at, message me on Facebook, reach out on Twitter, or comment below. I would love to help you in your health and fitness journey.


Grace & Peace, Jaclyn


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2 thoughts on “Inspire

  1. Lucinda on said:

    Thank you for being an inspiration for things you are passionate about!

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