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Don’t Throw in the Towel


We all have those days and moments when we just feel like throwing in the towel and saying, “I give up.” Whether it’s in our jobs, our families, our finances, our workouts, our faith journeys, or some other thing we are a part of. No one is immune from these moments. But the difference is found in how each of us handles these moments.

Today I had one of these moments in my workout. Yep, I am admitting that sometimes I just want to give up. For some reason today, my body was just moving a little slower than usual. It was more difficult than other days to get up the energy to get through my workout. I was so frustrated with feeling like this. I mean, seriously, I hadn’t even made it through the warm up and I was already wanting to walk away! What is up with that? Some people may say that it is not a big deal. That it is ok to not work out for the day. But you see it’s not just about making sure I workout, it is about following through with my commitments. I have committed myself to living a healthy lifestyle and working out is one of my daily goals. So, for there to be a little voice inside my head telling me to give up and walk away, it was beyond frustrating. I actually screamed at that voice to shut up!

This is true in our spiritual lives as well. I mean how many times have we wanted to throw in the towel on God just because life seems to be a bit more difficult at the moment? How many times have we told God, “I give up. I just can’t seem to cut a break here”? Life is not always a bed of roses or a day in the park, but how we handle it makes all the difference. Imagine if Jesus had thrown in the towel on His way to the cross. I am afraid that in our culture we have become a people of quitting. When the going gets tough, the majority of us get running. We fail to see the bigger picture and how our struggles actually become the very things that make us stronger. A workout is difficult and challenges you to no end, but it makes you stronger and builds muscle. Life’s struggles work the same way.

So, next time you are tempted to throw in the towel and walk away, think about how strong you will be once you take on that challenge. You are stronger than you think.

Grace & Peace,



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