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Just Say No to the Shortest Shorts of All


“Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who has the shortest shorts of all?”

Today’ post is all about the fashion. But don’t get too freaked out by the picture above. I am not posting this pic as a way to announce that this is a fashion trend that I am in love with. Actually, I absolutely cannot stand this fashion trend. I mean really, since when did pockets being longer than the actual pair of shorts you have on become a good fashion idea? In my opinion, and I am sure Joan Rivers and the other members of Fashion Police would agree, this is a huge fashion disaster.

Our oldest son plays football, so most of our Friday nights include the family being at his football games. Now I will go ahead and admit that even though I am a girl born and raised in the south, I do not have a love for football. I could care less really. I go to support our son, and that is about it. I couldn’t tell you who has the ball, what call the ref just made, or what play the players are playing out. So, as we sit in the stands watching the game, I tend to people watch. And this fashion “NO” is one I see too frequently on the teenage girls (along with shirts that offer no support and leave little to the imagination).

As a parent, I am appalled at the sure thought that these girls walked by their parents and got the okay to head out for the evening. It saddens it me to think that these young girls think that dressing in this way is ok. As a youth minister, I use to tell my youth that one of my biggest pet peeves was to see half dressed pics on Facebook that the teen girls were posting. I am sorry, but we live in times where we are all more accessible to more people than we realize. And not everyone who sees your half dressed pic, or who sees you half dressed out in public, is your BFF. I would have been snatched up real quick and would have never made out the door in shorts like the ones pictured above.

Here are some tips on knowing if your shorts are too short to be worn out as a fashion statement:

1. If you have to constantly dig them out of the crevices of your body, then it is time to toss the shorts. I am sorry, but there is just no lady-like way to say this.

2. If your shirt is longer than your shorts and people have to constantly question whether or not you even have on shorts, then it is time to toss the shorts.

3. When you put your hands by your side and your shorts are way above your fingertips, then it is time to toss the shorts.

Modesty is really a lot more fashionable than leaving little to the imagination. So, ladies please respect yourself enough to cover up.

Grace & Peace, Jac


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