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Setting Goals

ImageSetting goals is something that I have never really mastered a self-discipline for. That doesn’t mean that is something that I do not work on though. And it definitely doesn’t mean that I cannot develop the self-discipline to set goals. Sometimes I think we use the whole “lack of self-discipline” as cop-out. I think it is over used really. At least I I know that I have over used it at times. (“I really don’t need to eat that cookie, but I just can’t help myself.”)<——That would be me at times.

But here I am blogging about setting goals, yet I am admitting that it is something I struggle with. As a business owner (yes, I am my own boss), I need to set goals in order to help move my company in the right direction. As a wife, mother, Christian, friend, and any other role I find myself in, I need goals to help move me in the right direction. Imagine if no one ever had any goals. Scary thought, I know. Goals are important. Goals are necessary. Goals are good.

So, I thought I would share some of my goals that I have set for myself today.

1. Workout

2. Drink my Shakeology.

3. Check my emails, and other important biz related things.

4. Post on social media (yes, this is a goal if it is used properly).

5. Post photo for the Rocktober Fit Challenge on Instagram.

6. Read over Challenge Group Invitation Guide.

7. Email invites to participants of Challenge Group.

8. Clean the house.

9. Blog.

10. Community Group

Whew! Some of the things listed on this list can be checked off, while there are still a few I have yet to do for the day. Setting goals helps to keep me focused. It helps to keep me on track. If any of you are like me, it’s not hard to get off track and lose focus. So, what are you waiting for? Set some goals for yourself today! It feels really good marking them off your list once you accomplish them! BONUS!

Grace & Peace, Jaclyn


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