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My Shake-O Brings All The…



So, I can’t help but think of that song Milkshake when I look at this picture. And yes, I know, it is now stuck in your head right? Mine too! Songs have a way of doing that. Anyways, this post isn’t about that song, or any song for that matter. This post is about that yummy goodness in the hot pink cup pictured above. Whoop whoop! Sorry, I tend to get a bit excited about that stuff.What is this yummy goodness that I speak of, you ask? Shakeology! Seriously, this stuff is the bomb! Is that even still an “in” phrase to use? I love my Shakeolgy! I drink it everyday for breakfast. 

I am not a huge breakfast food fan. I am a cereal kind of girl. But all of that changed when Shakeology came in the picture. First off, I get to have CHOCOLATE for breakfast! Hello?! WIN! Secondly, it has all the nutrients that my body needs in ONE glass. And thirdly, it tastes sooooo good! It has helped me with my energy, my cravings, my regularity (sorry if that is a bit TMI for you), and just plain helps me feel better. I have noticed since I started drinking it AND consistently working out, my body is getting leaner. I see more definition. And an added bonus is that my daughter who would rather skip breakfast all together, likes it and requests it for breakfast! Booya! 

Shakeology isn’t made with anything that is artificial. It is safe for your child to consume, safe for pregnant women to drink, and safe for nursing moms to drink (still talk with your doctor first though). It is made with whole food ingredients! No added preservatives or additives. It is great for diabetics. It helps with blood sugar and cholesterol. There are so many benefits to drinking Shakeology

I won’t keep you lingering on this post with me sounding like a crazed nut, but if you want to give this yummy goodness a try email me at

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that Shakeology comes in more than one flavor: regular chocolate, vegan chocolate, greenberry, and vegan tropical strawberry. Happy shaking!


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