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Do You Really Not Have Time to Workout?

One thing that I hear sometimes from people when it comes to working out is, “I don’t have time.” “I have way too much going on in my day to get a workout in.” Now, I get it. I understand that we all have busy schedules. We all have busy days that are packed full of things we have to get done. We have work. School. Kids’ activities. Laundry to get done. Houses to clean. Meals to prepare. The list could go on and with stuff that we have to do. But do we ever stop to think about the times where we are on Facebook? The times we are surfing the web? The times where we are zoned into the TV? Yes, we are busy. But, let’s all be honest. We aren’t so busy that we don’t make time for Facebook, internet surfing, or TV. We make time for those things. 

Even if we only get on Facebook to check things for about 30 minutes, or watch that 30 minute sitcom that we love, it is still time that we have made for these things. So, if we have time for these things then we have time to get in a workout. You don’t have to workout at the gym for 2 hours, run 10 miles, or even do an hour long workout dvd in your living room for it to count as a workout. You CAN get in a good 30 minute workout, and still get amazing results. As long as you are pushing yourself, challenging yourself, and working up a good sweat, then you are getting in a good workout. The only bad workout is the one not done. 

So, next time that voice creeps up on you telling you that you don’t have time to workout, tell it to shut up. Get moving for at least 30 minutes. Facebook will still be there. The internet can still be surfed later. And that sitcom that you love to watch, can be DVR’d or watched online at a later time. You can do this! So, what are you waiting for? Get moving, and get your workout on! 



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