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Fall Fashion Guide, With a Peek into Spring 2013

I don’t know about you, but I love looking at all the latest Fashion trends. I love flipping through a good Instyle magazine “oohing” and “aaaahing” over all the beautiful pieces. I love everything from the shoes to the dresses to the hair to nails. ALL of it! I really do wish those magazines cam equipped with a nice touchscreen that would allow for a reader to select items to own. I know, I know. That is a fantasy world dream, but a girl can dream right?! Hey The Jetsons had cool stuff, why can’t we? 

I thought I would do a post giving a look into some of the Fall fashions that you might already be noticing as you are out and about. Some you may absolutely love, while others you might wish to just disappear. Either way, here ya go!

1. Black & BlueImage

Pair these colors up to make a bold statement!

2. Burgundy: Ooooo, deep red or a dark purple? However you look at it, this color is sure to turn heads this year!

3. Reptile Print: Out with all the warm blooded species, and in with the more cold blooded species. If you like more of an edgy style then you will love this trend!

4. Leather: Who doesn’t love a good leather? This year you don’t have to just limit it to your jacket though. This year leather is fashionable to wear as a shirt, skirt, dress, or pants as well. 

5. Winter White: Toss out the “no white after Labor Day” rule, and embrace your “winter princess”! 

6. Military: Image

March to the beat of your own drum in style! I actually am loving this trend! Check out her boots!

7. Jumpsuits: This is one of my favorites! I have to admit that I love a fashionable one piece outfit (even if it does require circus tricks when you have to go to the restroom). 

I realize that I am probably not breaking any news to some of you, but for those of you who haven’t been glued to Joan Rivers & The Fashion Police, I hope this helps you some. I wonder what we will think of Spring 2013 Fashion trends? Heads up on what to expect in Spring 2013: The Helmet Newton Effect (think along the lines of bondage attire, not my fav), water prints, and stripes are just a few trends we can expect.  Happy fashion trending fashionistas!

Grace & Peace,



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