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It’s Time to Bring It



If you can’t tell by the photo I have included, I am pretty stoked about my upcoming workout program. Beginning Monday, January 7th I will be on a 90 day mission to “Bring It” alongside of some of other great women who are part of one of my challenge groups. Yep, that’s right. I am diving into P90X with Tony Horton. I know this will be challenging. I know there will be lots of sweat, and maybe a few tears along the way. I know I will be sore in places I didn’t even realize I could be sore! But all of that pales in comparison to the rewards that I will come from completing this program. The gains I will make. The results I will get. I don’t just hope for these things. I know they WILL come! How do I know they will come? Because I am determined to stay the course. I am determined to stay dedicated and committed. I am dedicated to eating cleaner. All of these can only bring success. So, over the next 90 days I will be sharing my results with all of you. Not every day, but you can expect some of my posts to be geared at sharing my P90X journey with all of you. Alright, it’s time to “Bring It!”

If you would like to know more about joining one of my challenge groups, or would like to know more about P90X please contact me either by commenting below or emailing me at

Grace & Peace, Jaclyn


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