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Do You Treat Love as A Noun or A Verb?



Last night our community group all gathered in our living room to begin a study series, “Staying in Love” by Andy Stanley. Our first session was titled, “Love is A Verb.” Andy taught on how love is so much more than the noun we make it out to be. Society has caused us to look at look in whole different way than what scripture lays out for us. Think about it. How many times have you heard someone (or said yourself), “I’m just not in love with him/her any more.” “I just don’t FEEL the way I use to feel.” Relationships are tough. No doubt about that, but why are we so eager to throw in the towel when the going gets tough just because we want the warm fuzzies like we had when we first met him/her. 

Well, all this talk got me to thinking. How many couples do I know who I can say without a doubt treat love like it’s intended to be treated? As a verb. I thought of a sweet couple who attended a church my husband use to pastor. But the first couple that came to mind was my parents. (See above picture. Yep, that’s my Mom not my twin.) These two have been through some valleys, and they have stuck by one another’s side like glue. Sure there were times when the glue was a little tough to stick, but that didn’t stop them. They have made time for one another. They make one another a priority. They love one another, and care for one another. 

Back in June of 2005, my Mom was in a car accident leaving her paralyzed, and my step-dad (Lynn) didn’t hesitate to be there for her. When she had trouble with her grip (she’s an artist), he made specially made gloves with magnets and glued magnets on all of her paintbrushes, just so she could still paint. He has built ramps for her wheelchair. He takes care of her in every way imaginable. And if he’s out working and she calls to say she needs him, he doesn’t hesitate to drop whatever he is doing to come check on her. 

And my Mom, well she shows that same kind of love. Just recently I was on the phone with her and she experiencing some discomfort. I asked if she would like for me to call Lynn, and her response was, “No, I will be ok. He is out in the woods hunting. I want him to have his time. He needs it.” That is love as a verb my friends. Without a doubt these two make sure that the love they have for one another is not based on whether or not they have the warm fuzzies that day. They are committed to one another, and they are committed to treating love just as scripture lays out. 

I pray that my husband and I treat love in this same way. I pray that we treat love as a verb, and not a noun. I want to love my husband every day like crazy, even when the glue is a little tough at sticking. 

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” John 13:34

*My parents have been married since I was 7 ( I am now 32, so you do the math). 

***And you didn’t think I would not share one of my favorite pictures of my husband and I did ya? Here ya go: 



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