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There is Still Hope



Do ever have those moments when you just want to throw in the towel and walk away? When you just feel like screaming, “I quit”? Or maybe you just feel like all of your efforts are hopeless? 

Yea, we all have those moments. They may not be the same for everyone. Some of us may feel like that with our jobs. Some us feel that way in our marriages. With our kids. With our dreams. Maybe our health. Whatever the reason, we still all can relate to having these moments from time to time. 

It’s funny though to me, because whenever I start feeling like this. Whenever I have one of these moments, God quickly reminds me to not lose hope. A friend may offer me a word of encouragement. Or maybe someone I am helping shares with me a success of their own. Sometimes the reminder comes through my husband just telling me how much he loves me, or my kids saying “thank you.” 

Too often I fail to think on these “reminders” when I begin to feel like all hope is lost, until God sends another one my way. But when these reminders come, it is like a breath of fresh air sweeping over me. My soul breathes life. My hope is renewed. My smile is returned. 

Friend, I pray that during the times where you feel that all hope is lost, that you will be reminded that there is still hope. I pray that you have a flood of reminders, and that your hope is renewed. You are precious. You are valued. You are amazing. 


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