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Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone



Comfort zones. We all have them. They are nice and cozy, like a warm blanket. We like to stay in our comfort zones because they make us feel good. They don’t challenge us. They don’t intimidate us. They don’t do, well, anything for us. Sure, we might feel “okay” in our comfort zones. But is that really how we want to feel? Just okay? 

Don’t we have dreams? Don’t we have things that we want to accomplish? Sure we might have accomplished some things within our comfort zones, but we haven’t even begun to see our full potential just sitting back relaxing in our space of comfort. Comfort is just that, comfortable. And we all know that when we get comfortable, we get lazy. And when we are lazy, we don’t push ourselves to continue pushing forward and improving.

I will admit that I am a fan of the comfort zone because it doesn’t require me to step out and put myself out there. But over the last month, I have been pushed well beyond my comfort zone. Did I kick a bit at first? Absolutely! Did I try to hold onto to that little bit of comfort? Sure. But do I regret stepping out of my comfort zone & challenging myself? Absolutely not! Stepping out of my comfort zone has opened so many doors of opportunity for me. It has made me a stronger person. A better person. Someone who is okay with a little discomfort. I have come to realize that not all discomfort is bad. It can actually be good for you. It can expose your true potential. 

Imagine if some of the greatest people in history had remained in their comfort zones. What if Mother Teresa never stepped out? What if Steve Jobs had not stepped out? What if Picasso had not stepped out? Leonardo da Vinci? Einstein? Shakespeare? All of these people (and I am sure many others come to mind) stepped out of their comfort zones to challenge themselves, and expose their true potential. 

My challenge to you today, is to step out of your comfort zone. Embrace challenge. Seek to be different. Let go of the warm blanket, and step into the unknown. See what happens. Expose your true potential! 

Grace & Peace, Jaclyn


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