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Awake My Soul

Awake my Soul by Chris Tomlin

This song has been speaking to me a lot lately. You see I was once the dry bones. I was once without life. Without hope. Without light. I was in desperate need of the Father’s love & life.

I lived my life as a teenager in total opposite of what I have been taught. I went to church. I was part of the youth group. I believed in God. But all of that wasn’t enough to make me a disciple of Jesus Christ. It wasn’t enough to just go through the motions.

I partied. I hung out with the wrong crowd. I did things I shutter at the thought of today. I had not a single care in the world. Was it that my parents didn’t love me enough? No. Was it that I didn’t know right from wrong. No. Was it that my parents didn’t care? No. It came down to one word: REBELLION. I was living a life of rebellion. Rebellion against my parents. Rebellion against everything I had been taught. And rebellion against God.

I was in a dark place. I was in a barren place. A place without life or hope. I was the dry bones in the dry valley. Did I realize that at the time? Not for one moment. It wasn’t until I became an adult, that my eyes were opened to the fact that I was a walking skeleton. I realized my desperate need for God. I needed my Savior. I needed Him to speak life into me.

The girl that was once the dry bones is only a memory to me now. I feel for her. I see her pain now. I see her emptiness. She has allowed me to see though, that there area my other people just like her. Walking skeletons without a clue of how much they are in need of the Savior’s love.

I am alive in Christ now. I am no longer the walking skeleton. The breathe of God swept over me & He spoke life into me. I get chills just thinking about how
much He loves me. And I can’t help but picture myself at His feet thanking Him as I weep for joy, for speaking life into me. He has redeemed me. He can redeem you.

I know He has called me to share His great love with others. My story has purpose for Him. My passion for health & fitness is not the only passion He has given me. I have a passion to speak into lives & share the love of Christ with as many as possible.

My friend, I pray today that you will awake to His great love for you & to your desperate need of Him. He loves you with a crazy limitless love. And He is waiting to speak life into you. May He resurrect your dry bones today.

Grace & Peace, Jaclyn

<I would love to pray for you in any way I can.

Chobani Giveaway



Who likes greek yogurt? Who would like to win some delicious Chobani yogurt? I thought you would! Well, you are in luck because I am giving away some of this deliciousness! Yep, you heard me right. 

Chobani is by far my favorite greek yogurt. My favorite flavor is the pineapple. I think I could eat it everyday, all day. Haha. Okay, so maybe not all day. But pretty close. I like to keep Chobani on hand as a great healthy snack, and I often send my daughter to school with their Little Champions. Chobani is made with all natural ingredients, which is a big deal for me. I don’t want to eat stuff that has a ton of ingredients that I cannot pronounce. I like the fact that Chobani sets out to give only the best to their customers. 

And don’t even get me started on their customer service! This is an added bonus in my opinion. Not only does their product taste amazing, but their customer service rocks! Someone is always ready and willing to help you at any time. Great tasting product coupled with excellent customer service gets my vote every time! 

So, how do you go about entering yourself for a chance at this giveaway? I am so glad you asked. Simply, “like” my fitness page ( and then hop over to Chobani’s Facebook page and “like” them too. Share this post on your Facebook page, and in the description say, “I want to win delicious yogurt from Jaclyn Turner and Chobani!” Make sure you tag me in it! 

So, what are you waiting for? Get to entering! 

P.S. Extra entry if you follow me on Twitter (@Jaclyn_Turner) & follow Chobani (@Chobani) on Twitter! (Make sure you post the same description & tag me & Chobani in it as well.) 

“What Does She Get Out of It Anyway?”



I know that I do a lot of talking about being a fitness coach with Beachbody and Shakeology, as well as my workouts. I am sure that some of you are probably thinking, “Ok, we get it!” While others of you might still be asking, “What does she get out of all this?” This post is geared toward those of you still asking that question. Of course, those of you who “get it” are more than welcome to read along too. Who knows maybe there will be something that you didn’t get before. 

Why don’t we go ahead and dive into the big question.

“What does she get out of all this?

  1. A healthier me! Yep, I get to improve in my own health. While I am helping other people live healthier lives, I am helping myself do the same thing. I don’t have to be in perfect health and have all the answers before I can help people live healthy lives. No, I can help them while I am improving on myself. What better way to help people than to show them that you are doing it too? I am setting an example by walking the walk and not just talking the talk. So, a healthier me is a great benefit to me being a coach, working out daily, and drinking my Shakeology daily. 
  2. By helping myself, I am helping other people. I know this probably seems repetitive after #1, but so what. It bears repeating then! Helping other people brings me great joy. I love hearing about how someone is able to fit into a size of pants that they haven’t been able to in 20 years! I love hearing how someone has set an example for their family, and so now their family WILLING wants to take on healthier habits. I love hearing how someone has more energy than they have in years, or doesn’t battle so much with cravings as they once did. Success stories make my heart smile! As a believer in Christ, helping people is what I am to be about anyway. So this is a way that I get to do it daily! I cannot even begin to put into words what it means to me to hear how someone has improved their health, and in turn improved their life. Pure joy!
  3. I am able to do what I do from the comfort of my home. I am available to my family. I am able to drive my kids to school each morning and pick them up from school every afternoon, during the week. I am able to tend to my household chores during the day, and not have to devote an entire day on the weekend to cleaning my house (unless I choose). I am able to run errands and grocery shop while the kids are at school. I can do what I do from mu kitchen table, my couch, or my bed (hey, it can happen). And if I want a change of scenery, I can take my work to Starbucks, the park, or anywhere else. Of course, I love the option of being able to work out right in my living room too! No gym membership to worry about. No waiting to use equipment. No wondering if the equipment is up to my standards of clean. No thought of people staring at me while I do lunges or downward dog. I can do it all and look as goofy as I want to look because my dogs don’t really care. 
  4. My Shakeology is easy, portable, healthy, and delicious. Can you say that about a lot of foods? Not really. Poptarts might be easy and they might taste good, but they are certainly not healthy for you. And some really healthy meals aren’t always easy. I get convenience, taste, and health all in one glass. So, it’s a win win choice for me. And since I have swapped out my usual cereal for breakfast with Shakeology, my cravings have gone down, my sweet tooth has decreased, and have more energy than I use to have. 

So those are just a few of the wonderful benefits of what I do. Becoming a fitness coach with Beachbody, working out consistently, and drinking my Shakeology daily have been some of the greatest decisions that I have ever made. And the way I see it, it’s only up from here! 

If you would like to know how you can experience these things for yourself, I would love to chat with you. Contact me today and let’s chat! 

Keep Calm and Shake It



I must confess that I am one of the many people who struggles with being addicted to chocolate. Chocolate anything! If it’s chocolate, I want it! Well, I am sure you know that it isn’t necessarily a good thing. Sure chocolate tastes pretty dang good, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for me. Well, I have discovered chocolate that really does do my body! Enter Shakeology. Whoop whoop! I can have my chocolate everyday and not worry about all the other bad stuff that usually comes with eating a ton of chocolate. 

Shakeology is packed full of nutrients, has over 70 superfoods in one glass, and has curbed my cravings like nobody’s business. This satisfies my sweet tooth, and has helped me feel better overall. I no longer struggle with a mid-day crash. And I know that I am fueling my body with the healthiest meal every time I drink it. 

Ok, so why am I sharing this with you? I mean, it’s not like I haven’t shared my love for this stuff before. I am staring a new Challenge Group beginning on March 1st specifically geared for Shakeology! This group will hold 5-10 people who will commit to replacing one meal a day with Shakeology, and it will last 30 days. We will get to have chocolate everyday and get healthier doing it! How cool is that?! If chocolate isn’t your thing, that’s cool. You can always opt for the Tropical Strawberry flavor instead. 

So, before you say that you want it in, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I want to get healthier?
  2. Am I willing to commit for 30 days?
  3. Could having support, encouragement, motivation, and accountability be just what I need?
  4. Am I ready to get results and stop with all the craziness?
  5. Am I ready to throw my excuses out the window?

If you answered YES to these questions, then contact me! I want to help you get the results that you want. I want to help you succeed. I want to celebrate your successes with you. I would love to help you in any way I can, so contact me today and let’s get your spot reserved!

*Spots fill up fast, and are based on a first come first serve basis. 

Grace & Peace, Jaclyn

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