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Hope for the Journey

Today is one of the days where I am finding it difficult in my infertility journey. These days come and go. Some days I am fine & don’t seem to dwell on it much. Other days I find myself consumed by it, & find it difficult to snap out of it. Today is one of those difficult days.

As friends around me announce their pregnancies, prepare for births, or discover that they are going to be parents for the first time, I am excited for them. Really, I am happy that they are experiencing this great blessing. But at the same time, I fight back my emotions of just wanting to burst into tears. It’s bittersweet for me. Those of who have experienced, or may be experiencing, this same journey I find myself on can relate. You feel torn. Happy on one side, and heartbroken on the other side.

I have no idea what God is doing here. I have no clue as to why I haven’t gotten pregnant yet, but I have to keep trusting in Him. God is my only constant in this. My only hope. My refuge. He is where I can go when I can’t even understand how I feel, much less express it. He is my comfort. He is my peace.

I pray for all of you who are walking this same journey. It’s not an easy one, & it’s not one in wish on anyone. But we have a Father who loves us with an incredible love, & as we walk this journey, He walks it with us. Not a step taken is without Him.

He is our hope friends.

Grace & Peace, Jac


Core Foods Review

ImageI apologize for the slight delay in getting this review up, but alas here it is. Corefoods is made with 100% all natural, organic ingredients. You know that what you are getting is fresh when it arrives at your house with icepacks and a note that instructs you to place in the freezer. Each meal is one full bowl of raw oatmeal to go. The meals come in three different flavors: raw almond raisin, raw cashew cacao, and raw walnut banana. You can store them in the freezer for longer keep, or store them in your refrigerator for about a week. Either way, you have a complete bowl of organic all natural raw oatmeal that you can easily grab as you running out the door. These are great sources of protein and fiber as well! 

Head on over to to learn more, and/or to get your healthy meals today! 

P.S.–I let our oldest son try them out as well, as he is an active football player. He used it as his post workout meal, and loved it! 

It’s Much More than Just The Pants



There comes a point in your life where you stop and begin to think about your health. I mean, REALLY think about it. Not just an, “Oh, yea, I should probably quiet eating so much junk and try to eat healthier,” or “yea, I should probably get more active.” The kind of thinking I am talking about is, “Wait a minute! I am tired of being unhealthy. I am tired of being sick and tired. I don’t want to end up with heart disease, diabetes, or any other medical problem that I could avoid with proper nutrition and exercise.” And the list of serious thoughts could go and on. For me, it was the fact that heart disease runs in my family (on both sides). I have seen what heart disease can do to someone. I have seen what poor nutrition and lack of exercise can do on top of the inherited disease. I want more for myself. For my family. It’s not just about looking good in a pair of jeans. It’s about feeling good about taking care of the body has gifted me with. It’s about knowing that I am doing my best to keep my body as healthy as it possibly can be. 

I can run with my kids. I can get up and do a crazy dance without gasping for air. I can avoid multiple trips to the doctor, because I am taking care of my body by fueling it right. I can set a good example for my kids, that they can in turn teach to their future children. I can encourage, inspire, and motivate others to live a healthy lifestyle. 

You see, when you come to that moment where you truly think about how important your health really is, you will see that it isn’t just about being able to fit into a certain size or being able to sport a bathing suit without wanting to wrap yourself up in a body blanket (although those are great bonuses). It is about so much more. It’s about feeling good mentally, emotionally, and physically. And in turn you can help others to do the same thing. 

Have you stopped to truly think about your health today? 

I would love to help you get on track to being a healthier you, so comment below if you are ready to take your health seriously. 

Grace & Peace,


Awkward Moments from the Little Person


Have you ever had someone approach you with a comment or question that kind of takes you of guard? Maybe even makes you feel a little bit uncomfortable about yourself, or causes you to questions things about yourself? I am sure we can all say that at some point in our lives we have had to deal with awkward statements and questions (and I don’t necessarily mean inappropriate sexual comments). And I am sure we can all relate in how uncomfortable it made us feel.

Well, I get some of these awkward comments and questions in regards to my size. Let me just go ahead and throw out to you that I am not a big girl. Really, I probably could audition to be one of the munchkins in The Wizard of Oz. I am only 5’2″ (without high heels), and I have a very small frame. I am the smallest out of my family. My sister who is 5 years older than me stands about 5’9″ to 5’10” tall, and my brother who is 2 years younger than me stands 6’3″ tall. My Mom is 5’5″ and my dad is about the same height as my sister. So, yes I am the smallest out of the bunch. I have never seen it as an issue.

So, back in 2004 to 2005 when I lost weight (not an extreme amount) I began having people say things about my size. I didn’t know how to take it at the time. Were they suggesting that I wasn’t eating? I had one person actually tell me that I didn’t need to be harming my body and that I needed to eat. Thankfully another person came to my defense and let that other person know that he never saw me without any food. I will admit that when the weight first began coming off, I wasn’t doing it in the most healthy way possible. I was depressed, and that is what triggered my weight loss initially. But it isn’t what kept the weight off.

Fast forward to the present. I actually do go about weight management and eating in healthy way. I still get comments about my size. “Jaclyn, are you losing weight?” “Jaclyn, you don’t need to lose any more weight!” “I believe you get tinier and tinier every time I see you.” For some people, these comments might be nice to hear, but for me there aren’t the comments I want. These are the awkward comments that leave me feeling uncomfortable. I begin questioning what I am doing, wondering what they actually think about me and what I am doing, and other crazy thoughts. It doesn’t make me feel all giddy. It doesn’t flatter me.

I know good and well that I don’t need to lose weight. I know that I don’t need to diet (that’s why I don’t). I am aware that I am small. I am aware that I may be smaller than I once was in the past. But what some people fail to realize is that I don’t workout and eat clean in order to lose weight. I don’t restrict myself. I don’t weigh myself everyday. I don’t obsess over calories. I don’t even use the word diet. I workout because I want to be fit. I want to be strong. I want to be in the best shape that I possibly can be. I eat clean because I want to fuel my body right. I want to treat my body right. I want to eat foods that are going to improve my health, not tear it down. And overall, I workout and eat clean because I want to honor God by taking care of the body He has gifted to me.

Working out and eating clean isn’t always about a goal to lose weight. It’s not a fad. It’s not a trend. It’s not a “new diet.” It’s a lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle that I choose because I want to treat my body right. I want to take care of my body. And I want to set a good example for my kids, family members, and friends. While there are some people who do have weight loss as their goal, it is not my goal. It may have been at one point, but it is not my goal now. Living a healthy lifestyle is my goal.

So, how do I deal with the awkward comments? To begin with, not so well. I have never smarted off or run away in tears, but I have let it eat me up on the inside. But I am learning to laugh it off now. I am learning to share in my own way of how I am just living a healthy lifestyle. And I am learning to not question myself or what I am doing to care for my body. I am learning to just be me. God created me, loves me, and cares for me. And I am fearfully and wonderfully made in his image.

Grace & Peace, Jac

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