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It’s Much More than Just The Pants



There comes a point in your life where you stop and begin to think about your health. I mean, REALLY think about it. Not just an, “Oh, yea, I should probably quiet eating so much junk and try to eat healthier,” or “yea, I should probably get more active.” The kind of thinking I am talking about is, “Wait a minute! I am tired of being unhealthy. I am tired of being sick and tired. I don’t want to end up with heart disease, diabetes, or any other medical problem that I could avoid with proper nutrition and exercise.” And the list of serious thoughts could go and on. For me, it was the fact that heart disease runs in my family (on both sides). I have seen what heart disease can do to someone. I have seen what poor nutrition and lack of exercise can do on top of the inherited disease. I want more for myself. For my family. It’s not just about looking good in a pair of jeans. It’s about feeling good about taking care of the body has gifted me with. It’s about knowing that I am doing my best to keep my body as healthy as it possibly can be. 

I can run with my kids. I can get up and do a crazy dance without gasping for air. I can avoid multiple trips to the doctor, because I am taking care of my body by fueling it right. I can set a good example for my kids, that they can in turn teach to their future children. I can encourage, inspire, and motivate others to live a healthy lifestyle. 

You see, when you come to that moment where you truly think about how important your health really is, you will see that it isn’t just about being able to fit into a certain size or being able to sport a bathing suit without wanting to wrap yourself up in a body blanket (although those are great bonuses). It is about so much more. It’s about feeling good mentally, emotionally, and physically. And in turn you can help others to do the same thing. 

Have you stopped to truly think about your health today? 

I would love to help you get on track to being a healthier you, so comment below if you are ready to take your health seriously. 

Grace & Peace,



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