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Why Should I Invest in Shakeology?

“I really can’t afford it right now.”
“I can’t spend that much.”
“That’s too much money.”

These are all reasons excuses I hear from people whenever I am sharing about Shakeology with them. Now, I am not trying to downplay anyone’s financial situation. I understand about being a budget & squeezing every penny. I totally get it. What I don’t get is the fact that many times these statements are just excuses. Really. Let me take time to point something’s out or better yet cause you to stop and think.

Shakeology costs $129.95 up front (25% off that for a coach & 10% off if you are a club member). Now I know for some people those numbers cause panic, but hold tight. That is like going to Sam’s or Costco and stocking up one month’s worth of one meal. Or better yet, it breaks down to $3-$4 a glass. Can you go through the drive-thru for that? More than likely not. So, with that being said, are you still thinking it’s too much? If so, have you stopped going to Starbucks? Have you stopped eating out? Are you going to commit to putting down your cigarettes ( yea I went there)? How about those extra goodies you buy at the office? More than likely not, but all the money you spend on any of the above is going to cost you around the same as Shakeology (if not more).

So, why should you invest in Shakeology?

1. It is complete nutrition. In just one glass of Shakeology you your daily intake of vitamins & nutrients that your body needs. I no longer take a multi-vitamin because of all the nutrients packed into my daily glass. It has over 70 Superfoods in it as well! You can’t get that kind of nutrition jut anywhere.

2. Your health is no joke. Your health should be high on your priority list, not pushed down to the bottom of it. If you don’t take care of you, then you can’t take care of anyone else. You have a body that is referred to in scripture as “the temple of the Holy Spirit.” You should take care of your temple as a way to honor God.

3. You are worth it. You matter, plain and simple. You are loved. You are worth the investment.

If your health is important to you, then I encourage you to consider investing in Shakeology. I am not saying that it is magical, but I do know from my own experience that it is an investment well worth it. I know I am giving my body what it needs (nothing artificial). Are you still wondering if you should invest in it?

If you would like to get your own Shakeology or have questions, please contact me at



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