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What does the word FREEDOM bring to mind for you? Do you picture yourself? Do you picture someone else? Does it call to mind a financial freedom? Relationship freedom? Health freedom? Spiritual or emotional freedom? 

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to what freedom can mean for each person. For the purpose of this post, I want to share some areas of freedom I have experienced. You see, there has been a lot of bondage in my life. Some was easier to break than others, while others seemed to be a bit more difficult. But when freedom came, it was oh so sweet. 

Spiritual freedom: I grew up in a Christian home. I went to church every Sunday and attended Sunday School. I knew about Jesus and knew all the songs about him. But as a teenager I drifted far from him. I slipped into a deep dark hole of bondage that had a strong hold on me. Drugs, alcohol, sex, and any other rebellious behavior was the norm for me. I still attended church and was even part of the youth ministry, but my heart was far from God. It wasn’t until after I suffered a miscarriage in my adulthood that I recognized my great need for Jesus again. I needed Him like I had never needed him before. And He was there to welcome me with open arms. And when I ran into His arms and allowed Him to embrace me, I experienced a freedom that I had not known before. True freedom. I didn’t need drugs, alcohol, sex, or anything else to try to make me happy. I had Jesus. The One true happiness and joy. He brought me true freedom. 

Financial Freedom: This area is an area still growing and developing, but still there is a sense of freedom here. I don’t mean a freedom that allows me to spend money wildly and without a care. But it’s a freedom where I recognize that all we have belongs to God in the first place. I can trust that the bills will be paid and our needs will be met. Why? Because it’s in God’s hands and not mine. I know that my security doesn’t come from the size of my bank account. My security comes from Jesus Christ alone. So even though we have bills to be paid, there is a sense of financial freedom knowing that our God is taking care of us everyday and every moment. Freedom.

Health Freedom: I always struggled with my weight and body image. I was never the super thin girl, and I was never the super big girl. But I never saw myself to be a beautiful woman created by God. I wasn’t the “Seventeen Magazine girl.” I tried to deal with my body image issues in unhealthy ways. Not eating. Binging and purging. And even when I thought I had finally “gotten it” and thought I was healthy, I still wasn’t as healthy as I could have been. I had no clue how important exercise and nutrition were, and that they go together at all times. Finally about a year ago, I connected with a now dear friend through social media, and this led to my journey that I a currently on. I became a health and fitness coach, committed to daily exercise, and took my nutrition serious. This has brought a freedom in my health. How? I have more energy. I don’t crave junk. I don’t give into my sweet tooth more times than I blink. I am more toned and flexible than I ever have been. Overall, I just feel good. Freedom. 

Your areas may be different than mine. You may have areas of bondage in your life that you desperately want to experience freedom. I don’t know what your areas of bondage are, but I do know that freedom can come. You can experience freedom in your life too. Freedom isn’t just for a select few. Freedom is for anyone and everyone willing to welcome it at any cost. You may have to make some sacrifices. You may have to cut ties. You may have to face ugly truths. But dear friend, it is oh so worth it. Freedom can be yours. 

Grace & Peace, Jaclyn


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