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Why Should I Invest in Shakeology?

“I really can’t afford it right now.”
“I can’t spend that much.”
“That’s too much money.”

These are all reasons excuses I hear from people whenever I am sharing about Shakeology with them. Now, I am not trying to downplay anyone’s financial situation. I understand about being a budget & squeezing every penny. I totally get it. What I don’t get is the fact that many times these statements are just excuses. Really. Let me take time to point something’s out or better yet cause you to stop and think.

Shakeology costs $129.95 up front (25% off that for a coach & 10% off if you are a club member). Now I know for some people those numbers cause panic, but hold tight. That is like going to Sam’s or Costco and stocking up one month’s worth of one meal. Or better yet, it breaks down to $3-$4 a glass. Can you go through the drive-thru for that? More than likely not. So, with that being said, are you still thinking it’s too much? If so, have you stopped going to Starbucks? Have you stopped eating out? Are you going to commit to putting down your cigarettes ( yea I went there)? How about those extra goodies you buy at the office? More than likely not, but all the money you spend on any of the above is going to cost you around the same as Shakeology (if not more).

So, why should you invest in Shakeology?

1. It is complete nutrition. In just one glass of Shakeology you your daily intake of vitamins & nutrients that your body needs. I no longer take a multi-vitamin because of all the nutrients packed into my daily glass. It has over 70 Superfoods in it as well! You can’t get that kind of nutrition jut anywhere.

2. Your health is no joke. Your health should be high on your priority list, not pushed down to the bottom of it. If you don’t take care of you, then you can’t take care of anyone else. You have a body that is referred to in scripture as “the temple of the Holy Spirit.” You should take care of your temple as a way to honor God.

3. You are worth it. You matter, plain and simple. You are loved. You are worth the investment.

If your health is important to you, then I encourage you to consider investing in Shakeology. I am not saying that it is magical, but I do know from my own experience that it is an investment well worth it. I know I am giving my body what it needs (nothing artificial). Are you still wondering if you should invest in it?

If you would like to get your own Shakeology or have questions, please contact me at


Awkward Moments from the Little Person


Have you ever had someone approach you with a comment or question that kind of takes you of guard? Maybe even makes you feel a little bit uncomfortable about yourself, or causes you to questions things about yourself? I am sure we can all say that at some point in our lives we have had to deal with awkward statements and questions (and I don’t necessarily mean inappropriate sexual comments). And I am sure we can all relate in how uncomfortable it made us feel.

Well, I get some of these awkward comments and questions in regards to my size. Let me just go ahead and throw out to you that I am not a big girl. Really, I probably could audition to be one of the munchkins in The Wizard of Oz. I am only 5’2″ (without high heels), and I have a very small frame. I am the smallest out of my family. My sister who is 5 years older than me stands about 5’9″ to 5’10” tall, and my brother who is 2 years younger than me stands 6’3″ tall. My Mom is 5’5″ and my dad is about the same height as my sister. So, yes I am the smallest out of the bunch. I have never seen it as an issue.

So, back in 2004 to 2005 when I lost weight (not an extreme amount) I began having people say things about my size. I didn’t know how to take it at the time. Were they suggesting that I wasn’t eating? I had one person actually tell me that I didn’t need to be harming my body and that I needed to eat. Thankfully another person came to my defense and let that other person know that he never saw me without any food. I will admit that when the weight first began coming off, I wasn’t doing it in the most healthy way possible. I was depressed, and that is what triggered my weight loss initially. But it isn’t what kept the weight off.

Fast forward to the present. I actually do go about weight management and eating in healthy way. I still get comments about my size. “Jaclyn, are you losing weight?” “Jaclyn, you don’t need to lose any more weight!” “I believe you get tinier and tinier every time I see you.” For some people, these comments might be nice to hear, but for me there aren’t the comments I want. These are the awkward comments that leave me feeling uncomfortable. I begin questioning what I am doing, wondering what they actually think about me and what I am doing, and other crazy thoughts. It doesn’t make me feel all giddy. It doesn’t flatter me.

I know good and well that I don’t need to lose weight. I know that I don’t need to diet (that’s why I don’t). I am aware that I am small. I am aware that I may be smaller than I once was in the past. But what some people fail to realize is that I don’t workout and eat clean in order to lose weight. I don’t restrict myself. I don’t weigh myself everyday. I don’t obsess over calories. I don’t even use the word diet. I workout because I want to be fit. I want to be strong. I want to be in the best shape that I possibly can be. I eat clean because I want to fuel my body right. I want to treat my body right. I want to eat foods that are going to improve my health, not tear it down. And overall, I workout and eat clean because I want to honor God by taking care of the body He has gifted to me.

Working out and eating clean isn’t always about a goal to lose weight. It’s not a fad. It’s not a trend. It’s not a “new diet.” It’s a lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle that I choose because I want to treat my body right. I want to take care of my body. And I want to set a good example for my kids, family members, and friends. While there are some people who do have weight loss as their goal, it is not my goal. It may have been at one point, but it is not my goal now. Living a healthy lifestyle is my goal.

So, how do I deal with the awkward comments? To begin with, not so well. I have never smarted off or run away in tears, but I have let it eat me up on the inside. But I am learning to laugh it off now. I am learning to share in my own way of how I am just living a healthy lifestyle. And I am learning to not question myself or what I am doing to care for my body. I am learning to just be me. God created me, loves me, and cares for me. And I am fearfully and wonderfully made in his image.

Grace & Peace, Jac

Why I Believe in the One Package Deal


I have the honor and privilege to help people live healthier lives. I don’t just suggest programs and Shakeology to people just because I can, or just because it’s my job. I suggest the programs that I do and Shakeology, because I believe in these products. I know they work. I know they are the best, and I know they will deliver results.

With all of that said, I often get asked, “why should I get a Challenge Pack“.  Some people think that having the workout program is enough, and Shakeology is just not necessary. Some people think that the workout program is irrelevant and Shakeology is all they want. Some people don’t see the benefit of a club membership. I understand all of these, and if that is you in one of these categories, I am not trying to bash on you. I just want to help everyone see how a Challenge Pack sets you up for the best success possible.

Here are a few reasons I believe that a Challenge Pack option is best for you:

  1. Optimal fitness and optimal nutrition. You get the best of fitness and the best of nutrition all packaged in ONE box. There is no reason for you to have to search for these two items in two different places. You get your workout and your nutrition all in one place. It comes to you in one box, so there is no waiting on your workout program and then waiting on your nutrition. You get it all in one. This is setting you up for success from day one!
  2. Club membership. This is one of the best and most affordable ways to boost your chances for success. Yes, a free basic membership is fine. There is nothing wrong with having a free basic membership. But a club member gets everything that a basic member gets PLUS a 10% discount on ALL Beachbody products, VIP access to top trainers Tony Horton, Shaun Thompson, Chalene Johnson), and a meal planner to help you plan your meals. How doesn’t like to save a little money? And how awesome is it that Beachbody is making top trainers available to you, as well as giving you a meal planning tool to help you with your eating habits?! Again, this is setting you up for success from day one!
  3. Saves money. By purchasing a Challenge Pack you save yourself some money. (Again, who doesn’t like to save some money?) Depending on the pack you choose, you can save anywhere from around $50-$100! Let’s say you decide to go with P90X. Well, P90X is going to cost you about $120. Then Shakeology will cost you another $120, and then if you decide later you want to become a club member, that will cost you another $38.87 quarterly. Total spent: $278.00. The cost of the P90X Challenge Pack: $205. Hello, if I don’t have to spend an extra $73.87 up front, then I don’t want to spend it! Yes, the club membership is free for the first 30 days, and then will cost you $38.87 quarterly. But you still will save even if you decide to continue with your club membership after the 30 days.

So, these are a few reasons why I believe that choosing a Challenge Pack is the best option. Optimal fitness & nutrition in one package, club membership, and saves money. If you truly are ready for a change in your health, then why not go for it with the best option? Why not go with the option that is going to set you up for success from day one? Why would you want to do the work, but not improve your nutrition? Or why would you want to improve your nutrition, but not do the work to get your body in shape? It’s not about looking a certain way. It is about your health! That is what I care about. I care about your health, and want to see you live the healthiest life possible for you and your family.

If you are wanting to take the first step towards success with your health and fitness, I would love to be your coach and help you do just that. Please reach out to me, and let’s chat! I look forward to chatting with you soon.

Grace & Peace, Jaclyn

Fit Chic Headbands Review and Giveaway


This morning was Day 8 of my P90X journey, and it was also Plyometrics day. Jump here. Jump there. Basically my living room turns into one big jumping room on Plyo days. I usually fight with my hair landing all in my face or work my magic (or lack thereof) my pulling some of my hair up into a “Pebbles-style” ponytail. Well, I will fight no more with my hair on Plyo days!

Enter Fit Chic Headbands! These bands are amazing! I put it on my head, and it didn’t budge at all! No slipping. No having to stop during my workout to adjust it. And my hair was kept out of my face. Winning! I will be making these bands a staple in my workout accessories. Oh, did I mention they are fashionable? Super cute! Totally not Richard Simmons kind of headbands.

And since I am so excited about my new found treasure, I am going to give some bands away! One lucky person will get 4 Fit Chic Headbands! All you have to do to enter yourself in the giveaway is comment on this post as to what motivates you to workout and go over to Facebook and “like” my page (if you haven’t already) and “like” Fit Chic Headbands’ Facebook page. Don’t forget to let me know that you have “liked” both pages by including it in your comment! I will select one lucky winner this Friday, so get your entry in now!

Day 2 of P90X-Plyo

Day 2 of P90X-Plyo

Today was plyo day of my P90X journey. Man, I am just going to be honest and tell you that is was tough! It was a good tough though. My quads are probably going to be super sore tomorrow, but that just means I am getting stronger! “Bring it!”



Here we are. New Year’s Eve 2012. For some of us 2012 was fantastic. New job. Promotions. New home. New car. New relationships. New family members. New faith. Love. Health. Happiness. For others of us 2012 was difficult and heartbreaking. Loss of job. Loss of relationships. Loss of family members. Loss of faith. Loneliness. Depleting health. Sadness.

Whatever 2012 held for you, whether it was full of joy or full of sadness, it is curtains closing time on 2012. The sun is setting on 2012, and tomorrow the sun will rise on 2013. A new year. A new opportunity. A year that will bring many changes. A year that will bring new things for all of us. So, I pray that we not close out 2012 feeling discouraged. Feeling discouraged that if 2012 was a great year that 2013 could be the year that everything falls apart. Feeling discouraged that 2012 was a more than difficult year and that 2013 will only hold the same. No! I want us to leave 2012 and enter into 2013 full of optimism & hope. Full of life & wonder. Full of excitement.

My friends, 2013 is going to be our year! It’s going to be awesome! It’s going to be powerful! It’s going to be full of goodness! So hold on to your hats, because 2013 is going to be full of life, and it’s going to be AMAZING!

“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:22-23, NIV

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19, NIV

Grace & Peace,


It is Time To Take Action


I just finished reading a friend’s post on why she cares so much about health and fitness, and it got me inspired to share in my own space.

Last week there was a lot of talk about the Victoria Secret’s fashion show. That one hour even caused quite a stir. Some people were all excited and couldn’t wait to see the “angels” strut their stuff on the runway, while other people were busy posting “angel bash” all over social media. There were even posts from fellow Christians urging people (women in particular) to not watch the show and to focus on scripture that pointed to who God really wanted them to be.

As my friend pointed out in her post, I completely agree with the fact that God is concerned about our heart. Yes, He is more concerned about our character more than if we own designer clothes or wear a size 2, 6, or whatever. But I also agree with my friend, in that God is concerned about our health.

Come on, scripture does point out that our bodies are a temple for the Holy Spirit. So, if that is true, why wouldn’t we concern ourselves with our health?

Did you know that over 65% of Americans are considered overweight? Did you know that over 33% of Americans are diagnosed as being clinically obese? 95% of all prescription drugs are lifelong drugs.

Do these statistics shock you? Do they cause you to get a little angry? I really hope they awaken you to the problem that we are facing in our country. What we are putting into our bodies is not solving the problem. It is only fueling the problem! We aren’t taking pills to make us healthy. We are taking pills to maintain our sickness!

I don’t know about you, but this makes me mad. I mean, I know that there are times when medication is needed, so don’t get all in a tizzy and send me “hate mail.” But I do believe that medication needs to be our last resort.

Imagine if what you ate allowed you to stop taking some of the medication you are currently taking. Imagine if your kids weren’t sick as often just because of what they are eating and how active they are. What if you didn’t have to take numerous trips to the pediatrician for that nasty bug that just keeps coming back?

What if we just started living healthier lifestyles? What if we told the pharmaceutical  companies and major food companies that we were done being duped? What if we all banned together for a healthier country for our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren? The possibilities are endless!

So, what did the Victoria Secret fashion show have to do with this post? Well, I actually was one of the ones who was turned off by all the “angel bashing” going on. Yes, there are models who are not living healthy lifestyles and aren’t modeling what it means to be healthy, but that is not the case for ALL models. And just because you are a size 0, 2, or 4 doesn’t mean that you aren’t healthy. I will be honest, I wear a size 2 and 4. I don’t share this to boast, but I share it as a way to say I don’t abuse my body to be this size. I work my butt off every day to be healthy. That includes working out, eating clean, and drinking plenty of water. It doesn’t come naturally for me, and I don’t go to drastic measures to be a certain size. And I am sure that some of those Victoria Secret models do just the same thing.

It is time we stop making excuses for being overweight and unhealthy, and call it like it is. It is time we start caring about our health, and stop trying to sweep it under the rug. It is time we woke up to the reality that we have an epidemic on our hands. It is time to take action.

If God cares about me, that includes my health too. There is not one single part of me that isn’t a concern to God. God cares about you too, and that includes your health. So, my question to you is this. Are you ready to take action and stop with the excuses?

Grace & Peace, Jac

Challenge Groups to Help With New Year’s Resolutions


We all know that the New Year brings “New Year’s Resolutions”, but why wait to set that resolution? Why not go ahead and plan to get started on it now? I am forming new Challenge Groups that can help you achieve that resolution of getting fit, losing weight, and/or living a healthier lifestyle. In a Challenge Group you not only get me as your coach to help motivate you and offer my support 24/7, but you also get accountability, motivation, and encouragement to help keep you on track. Once you decide which group is for you, I will get you signed up and add you to the group’s private Facebook group page. This page is where each person in the group checks in with the group, posts struggles and achievements, and can offer support to our group.

Here is a summary of what to expect in each group:

Eating My Way To a Healthier Me (starting December 19th): Yes, I know this is the week before Christmas. I did that on purpose. We all know that with Christmas we tend to eat a lot of foods that we don’t normally eat (just like we did at Thanksgiving). I want to help get you on the right track with eating healthier, so that when you are faced with all the yummy Christmas foods, you won’t over-do it. Also, this week of eating healthier will help you gain better understanding of what eating healthier looks like, so that you can carry it on past that one week. I will help you with meal planning, recipes, and anything else “eating healthier” related. This group is FREE! This group is a one week group. There are only 5 spaces available in this group.

Shakeology Shake It (starting January 2nd): This group will help get your New Year started right. In this group we will commit to replacing one meal a day with Shakeology, for 60 days. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You decide which meal works best for you. There is no workout program involved (although, if you want to add that for yourself that would be perfectly fine), just Shakeology. All you need to do to get started in this group is place your order for Shakeology on home direct in time for your Shakeology to arrive at your home, in time for this group. The cost of this group is the cost of Shakeology. There are only 5 spaces available in this group!

P90X Bring It (starting January 7th, NOT January 9th…sorry for the confusion): This group will commit to “bringing it” with Tony Horton for 90 days! We will commit to pushing play everyday (time of the day is your choice) for the 90 days. P90X can be tackled at any fitness level. The cost of this group is the cost of P90X. Just place your order with me in time to get your P90X system delivered in time for this group. There are only 5 spaces available for this group!

Have more questions? Contact me at or comment below. I look forward to working alongside of you!

God-Given Dreams


Do you dream? No, I’m not talking about the kind that you have when you’re sleeping. I want to know if you have the kind of dreams that set your heart a flutter. The kind of dreams that cause you to be a better person. The kind of dreams that you are determined to see become a reality. BIG dreams! Dreams so big that they almost scare you. Dreams so big that you have no idea how they will become a reality, but you just know they will.

These kind of dreams, my friend, are the dreams that I believe come from God. I believe these kind of dreams are “God-given” dreams. We have no idea how the will become reality, but yet we know they will. And I believe the reason that we “just know” they will become reality is because GOD will make a way. He will make the path straight. He will guide our steps. And He will go before us making a way. Yes, only God-given dreams can be BIG! God is big, so I wouldn’t expect the dreams He gives to His children to be anything but BIG.

So, what are some of your God-given dreams? Let’s share!

Some of mine are to be a Mommy again, to become a certified personal trainer, to minister alongside of my husband preaching the Gospel.  Ok, now it’s your turn…..

“Why Did Jac Become A Beachbody Coach Anyway?”


“Why did Jac become a Beachbody coach?”

I am sure by now most of you who follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter have asked yourself this question at least once. I know I have family and friends ask me this question a time or two. It isn’t one of those annoying questions that I dread either. Ya know, like, “So, why are you so short?” Or here’s another one, “Can you see over the steering wheel?” Yea, I’m short. I like to look at though in the terms of Beverly Hills Chihuahua” though. “Tiny but mighty.” Ok enough of the short stuff. Let’s get back to the title question.

So, why did I become a Beachbody coach? Well, between myself and my husband we already had three Beachbody workout programs. My husband had done P90X and Insanity, and I had done Chalean Extreme. At the start of both us taking on these programs, the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind about becoming a Beachbody coach. I mean, that was for pros, right? As I continued in my Chalean Extreme program, I was enjoying it. I felt stronger. I felt healthier. I was in. Then came a trip that took us out of town and into a small hotel room for a few days. “I got this,” I thought to myself. But I didn’t. I got off track. All my hard work and dedication seemed to just fade o

When we got home from our trip, I couldn’t find my consistency. Did I leave it at the hotel? Maybe one of the maids had found it and put it in the lost and found. Wherever it went, I couldn’t find it.

So fast forward several months down the line. I kept up with a fellow pastor’s wife (Michelle Myers) on Facebook, and noticed that all this wonderful health information she was posting. Everyday she would post little nuggets of information regarding nutrition, health, fitness, and Jesus. I was eating it up. I also noticed she was dedicated to her workouts. I would watch some of her videos that she would post, and think to myself, “This chick has some mad skills! She even has a baby!” She was totally awesome in my opinion! (Still is too!) One other thing I noticed was that her occupation listed on Facebook read, “Independent Beachbody Coach.” Dude, no way! She works for the company that put out P90X, Insanity, 7 Chalean Extreme! No wonder she has those mad skills!

By this time I was curious as to how somebody becomes a Beachbody coach. Is there special training? Do you have to be super buff? Super healthy? Super knowledgable about nutrition and fitness? I decided to find out. I worked up the courage to send Michelle a message and ask her how she became a Beachbody coach, what she did as a coach, and if she enjoyed being a coach. Guess what? She messaged me back! And not only did she message me back, she was more than happy to share her story with me.

We set up a time to have a phone conversation where I could listen to her tell her story, and where she could answer my questions. As I listened to her story, and as she answered my questions, I knew I wanted to be a Beachbody coach too. I had a passion (still do) for health. I did enjoy how I felt when I worked out consistently, and I loved being able to help people understand how to live healthier lifestyles. I was in! We had a follow-up conversation, and she helped sign me up as a coach!

This is one of the best decisions I have ever made! I became a Beachbody Coach so that I could help share my passion for health and fitness with other people. I want to inspire people to live as health of a lifestyle as possible. I want to motivate and encourage people to achieve their health and fitness goals. Being healthy and exercising doesn’t have to be boring (if you know me, I don’t do boring). It is fun! It is exciting! It is life changing! And as a believer, I want to help other believers take care of the bodies God has blessed them with. I can’t even begin to describe the feeling I get whenever someone tells me that I have encouraged them, or when someone that I am helping shares a success of their’s with me. It is one of the best feelings in the world!

So, I know I have shared a lot here. But I hope this helps to explain why I chose to become a Beachbody Coach. Maybe becoming a Beachbody Coach is something you have thought about but aren’t really sure about. I would love to talk with you more about it, and help answer your questions. Being a Beachbody Coach isn’t just a job to me. It is a tremendous blessing for me to be able to help end the trend of obesity, and to help encourage other people in their health and fitness journey.

Please feel free to email me at or leave a comment, with any questions you might have!

Grace & Peace!

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