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I’m on an Adventure

I have had some moments lately. Moments where I want to ask Jesus to step aside and let me handle the situation. Moments where I have wanted to put on my boxing gloves and ask to be put in the ring. Moments where I wanted to say, “Hang on a minute. Let me take my earrings off,” and push up my sleeves prepared to fight.

Yes, all 5 foot 2 inches (go with me here, my drivers license informs me I am actually this tall) me can be a bit of a spit-fire. I have it in me to stand as tall as I can and try to take on whatever it is that is coming against me or my family. Speak with my brother or parents and they will tell you Jac is feisty and fierce when backed into a corner.

But I have also been reminded that it’s not my place to take things into my own hands. I am not supposed to handle the situation on my own. I don’t have to snatch my earrings out and push my sleeves up. My God has it all under control.

As a pastor and a pastor’s wife this can be difficult to do at times. Trusting God to take care of it all can be difficult period because our flesh wants control of it all. But in ministry, letting it go and trusting that God has a plan and a purpose even during the difficult valleys can be challenging. That sounds crazy I know. I mean, I am in ministry. What could possibly go wrong or be difficult about walking in the calling God has given you? Dude, it’s intense. Ministry is not for the weak at heart. It is not all gummy bears, rainbows, and butterflies. Sure Noah received a dove, but only after 40 days and 40 nights of what I am guessing felt like a nightmare.

I get asked about my thoughts on being a pastor and being a pastor’s wife, as well as what it is like planting/starting a church. All of these are exciting and scary all at the same time. God has called Brian and I into an adventure with Him. And it’s an adventure that can be what feels like a nightmare at times and an adventure that feels like the sweetest dream. But either way it is exactly what God has called us to. I will stand by my husband as he walks in obedience with God and what God is leading him to do. I will walk in obedience to what God leads me to do. I will choose the adventure over pleasing everybody else. I will choose Jesus over having everyone like me. I will choose Jesus over skipping over the difficult times.

This is what I have to remind myself of when I have my “moments.” You see, if I allowed every little bump in the road to sway me one way or the other, how could I truly follow Jesus? How could I walk in obedience with Him if I allow my ears to be tickled by everything? I couldn’t, and I don’t want to risk not walking in obedience with Him.

I won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. I won’t be the most popular person amongst certain circles. I won’t always be thought highly of. And I am choosing to be ok with that. Why? Because I am always Jesus’ cup of tea. He always loves me and values me. And He has called me to the front lines to help spread His Kingdom. And that is what I plan to do.



“What Does She Get Out of It Anyway?”



I know that I do a lot of talking about being a fitness coach with Beachbody and Shakeology, as well as my workouts. I am sure that some of you are probably thinking, “Ok, we get it!” While others of you might still be asking, “What does she get out of all this?” This post is geared toward those of you still asking that question. Of course, those of you who “get it” are more than welcome to read along too. Who knows maybe there will be something that you didn’t get before. 

Why don’t we go ahead and dive into the big question.

“What does she get out of all this?

  1. A healthier me! Yep, I get to improve in my own health. While I am helping other people live healthier lives, I am helping myself do the same thing. I don’t have to be in perfect health and have all the answers before I can help people live healthy lives. No, I can help them while I am improving on myself. What better way to help people than to show them that you are doing it too? I am setting an example by walking the walk and not just talking the talk. So, a healthier me is a great benefit to me being a coach, working out daily, and drinking my Shakeology daily. 
  2. By helping myself, I am helping other people. I know this probably seems repetitive after #1, but so what. It bears repeating then! Helping other people brings me great joy. I love hearing about how someone is able to fit into a size of pants that they haven’t been able to in 20 years! I love hearing how someone has set an example for their family, and so now their family WILLING wants to take on healthier habits. I love hearing how someone has more energy than they have in years, or doesn’t battle so much with cravings as they once did. Success stories make my heart smile! As a believer in Christ, helping people is what I am to be about anyway. So this is a way that I get to do it daily! I cannot even begin to put into words what it means to me to hear how someone has improved their health, and in turn improved their life. Pure joy!
  3. I am able to do what I do from the comfort of my home. I am available to my family. I am able to drive my kids to school each morning and pick them up from school every afternoon, during the week. I am able to tend to my household chores during the day, and not have to devote an entire day on the weekend to cleaning my house (unless I choose). I am able to run errands and grocery shop while the kids are at school. I can do what I do from mu kitchen table, my couch, or my bed (hey, it can happen). And if I want a change of scenery, I can take my work to Starbucks, the park, or anywhere else. Of course, I love the option of being able to work out right in my living room too! No gym membership to worry about. No waiting to use equipment. No wondering if the equipment is up to my standards of clean. No thought of people staring at me while I do lunges or downward dog. I can do it all and look as goofy as I want to look because my dogs don’t really care. 
  4. My Shakeology is easy, portable, healthy, and delicious. Can you say that about a lot of foods? Not really. Poptarts might be easy and they might taste good, but they are certainly not healthy for you. And some really healthy meals aren’t always easy. I get convenience, taste, and health all in one glass. So, it’s a win win choice for me. And since I have swapped out my usual cereal for breakfast with Shakeology, my cravings have gone down, my sweet tooth has decreased, and have more energy than I use to have. 

So those are just a few of the wonderful benefits of what I do. Becoming a fitness coach with Beachbody, working out consistently, and drinking my Shakeology daily have been some of the greatest decisions that I have ever made. And the way I see it, it’s only up from here! 

If you would like to know how you can experience these things for yourself, I would love to chat with you. Contact me today and let’s chat! 

Do You Enjoy Helping Other People?



Do you enjoy helping other people? Do enjoy helping people succeed? Do you have a passion to see people achieve their goals?

If this is you, then I want you to consider becoming a Beachbody coach and joining my team.

I’m looking for 2 people to join my team this month. Only 2. Why? Because I want to take the time to put you under my wing, mentor you, and show you what you need to do to reach your goals as a Beachbody Coach and to help people succeed in their health and fitness goals this year.

Starting February 4th you will be part of a Coach’s Challenge group that I will lead that will walk you through the ins and outs of being a coach and will set you up to start your first Beachbody Challenge group in March (it’s okay to do this while you are in one of my fitness challenge groups). I will be there to answer questions, guide you, and give you step by step instructions so that you get started right. It’s going to be an amazing time of growth and will also be a lot of fun too!

So before you contact me and say, “Yes Jaclyn, I want to be on your team and be in your coach’s challenge group,” I want you to consider the following:

  • Are you passionate about helping people? Do you enjoy people?
  • Are you seeking to take steps to improve your own health & fitness levels? (No, you don’t have to be in perfect shape or a fitness nut. You just need to want to improve your health and want to help others do the same.)
  • Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone in order to help people who need you?
  • Do you currently work out or plan to work out to a Beachbody program? Are you currently drinking or do you plan to begin drinking Shakeology? 
  • Are you ready to change lives for the better?

I want you to consider these things because if you didn’t answer yes to all of them, Beachbody Coaching may not be for you. However, if you answered yes to all of the questions, then you have a fantastic opportunity awaiting you as a health and fitness coach.

Lastly, not only do you get to work with people and walk with them on their fitness journey, but you also have the opportunity to make a part-time or full-time job income from it. What would this allow you to do? Perhaps it would allow you to stay home with your kids instead of putting them in daycare. Or, you could pay off your car or school loan. Maybe you would just like some extra cash to go on a date night with your significant other. Or maybe you just want a way to add to your grocery budget. Either way, Beachbody Coaching can open up this opportunity for you.

If you are interested in learning more and would like to be a Coach, contact me! I will need a commitment from you by January 30th to be in the February 4th Coach’s Challenge group.

Let’s talk so we can discuss this awesome opportunity! – Jaclyn 


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