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The Power of Faith

One of my favorite stories of the Bible is the one of the bleeding woman (Luke 8:40-48). Can you imagine what it must have been like for her, bleeding for 12 years? She was considered unclean and no one would even think about touching her. I want you to picture this scene. Jesus comes into town, and the crowd is closing in around him. Everyone is tring to get to Jesus. Jesus is begged to go to the house of Jairus, to heal his 12 year old daughter. Jesus is on his way to the house & the crowd is pressing in on him. As the crowd presses in on Jesus, a woman pushes her way through the crowd in order to get to Him. This woman is not just any woman though, she’s a bleeding woman. Imagine the looks from the crowd. Imagine the weight upon this woman, from the stares of the people. This woman continued to push through though. She knew that if she could just touch Jesus, she would be healed. (Read that again.) She reaches out her hand, and manages to touch the hem of His robe. he moment her hand touched His robe, she was healed. Jesus stopped, because He knew someone had touched Him. He felt power go from himself. The woman goes before Him trembling, and falls on her knees before HimĀ and tells Him it was her. Jesus looks at the woman and tells her that her faith has healed her & to go in peace.

WOW! That sums up the reaction to this awesome story. This woman knew in her heart that all it would take was Jesus in order to bring healing. All she did was believe, push through, & touch the hem of His robe. She didn’t let the reactions, thoughts, or hinderances of others to get in her way. She wanted Jesus, and she was determined to get to Him.

That is how we should be. We should be determined & persistant in our faith. We need to be determined to get to Jesus no matter what, and believe that all it takes is Him to bring healing. Whatever the hurt may be, it doesn’t have to be a physical ailment, it can be emotional hurt, spiritual hurt, mental hurt, etc. Jesus can bring healing to al areas of our lives. So I encourage you to push through the crowd, reach out your hand, and touch the hem of His robe, and be healed. Jesus wants you to be persistant. He wants you to get to Him. Go in peace, and seek your Savior.

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