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“Why Did Jac Become A Beachbody Coach Anyway?”


“Why did Jac become a Beachbody coach?”

I am sure by now most of you who follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter have asked yourself this question at least once. I know I have family and friends ask me this question a time or two. It isn’t one of those annoying questions that I dread either. Ya know, like, “So, why are you so short?” Or here’s another one, “Can you see over the steering wheel?” Yea, I’m short. I like to look at though in the terms of Beverly Hills Chihuahua” though. “Tiny but mighty.” Ok enough of the short stuff. Let’s get back to the title question.

So, why did I become a Beachbody coach? Well, between myself and my husband we already had three Beachbody workout programs. My husband had done P90X and Insanity, and I had done Chalean Extreme. At the start of both us taking on these programs, the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind about becoming a Beachbody coach. I mean, that was for pros, right? As I continued in my Chalean Extreme program, I was enjoying it. I felt stronger. I felt healthier. I was in. Then came a trip that took us out of town and into a small hotel room for a few days. “I got this,” I thought to myself. But I didn’t. I got off track. All my hard work and dedication seemed to just fade o

When we got home from our trip, I couldn’t find my consistency. Did I leave it at the hotel? Maybe one of the maids had found it and put it in the lost and found. Wherever it went, I couldn’t find it.

So fast forward several months down the line. I kept up with a fellow pastor’s wife (Michelle Myers) on Facebook, and noticed that all this wonderful health information she was posting. Everyday she would post little nuggets of information regarding nutrition, health, fitness, and Jesus. I was eating it up. I also noticed she was dedicated to her workouts. I would watch some of her videos that she would post, and think to myself, “This chick has some mad skills! She even has a baby!” She was totally awesome in my opinion! (Still is too!) One other thing I noticed was that her occupation listed on Facebook read, “Independent Beachbody Coach.” Dude, no way! She works for the company that put out P90X, Insanity, 7 Chalean Extreme! No wonder she has those mad skills!

By this time I was curious as to how somebody becomes a Beachbody coach. Is there special training? Do you have to be super buff? Super healthy? Super knowledgable about nutrition and fitness? I decided to find out. I worked up the courage to send Michelle a message and ask her how she became a Beachbody coach, what she did as a coach, and if she enjoyed being a coach. Guess what? She messaged me back! And not only did she message me back, she was more than happy to share her story with me.

We set up a time to have a phone conversation where I could listen to her tell her story, and where she could answer my questions. As I listened to her story, and as she answered my questions, I knew I wanted to be a Beachbody coach too. I had a passion (still do) for health. I did enjoy how I felt when I worked out consistently, and I loved being able to help people understand how to live healthier lifestyles. I was in! We had a follow-up conversation, and she helped sign me up as a coach!

This is one of the best decisions I have ever made! I became a Beachbody Coach so that I could help share my passion for health and fitness with other people. I want to inspire people to live as health of a lifestyle as possible. I want to motivate and encourage people to achieve their health and fitness goals. Being healthy and exercising doesn’t have to be boring (if you know me, I don’t do boring). It is fun! It is exciting! It is life changing! And as a believer, I want to help other believers take care of the bodies God has blessed them with. I can’t even begin to describe the feeling I get whenever someone tells me that I have encouraged them, or when someone that I am helping shares a success of their’s with me. It is one of the best feelings in the world!

So, I know I have shared a lot here. But I hope this helps to explain why I chose to become a Beachbody Coach. Maybe becoming a Beachbody Coach is something you have thought about but aren’t really sure about. I would love to talk with you more about it, and help answer your questions. Being a Beachbody Coach isn’t just a job to me. It is a tremendous blessing for me to be able to help end the trend of obesity, and to help encourage other people in their health and fitness journey.

Please feel free to email me at or leave a comment, with any questions you might have!

Grace & Peace!


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